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The second most feared monster in all the land, second only to a Godville Administrator.

A cousin of Godjira and somewhat related to rodan, violent in nature. It's said to be anywhere from three to three thousand feet high with scales or feathers. It may or may not have a tail twice the length of his height. Sorry for the varied descriptions, but most who have fought the Godvilla have not survived without hiding and as such did not get a good look at it. It is definite that the Godvilla wears a top-hat and uses a cane, although the cane is said to contain a sword and that the Godvilla does not need it to walk.


  • Cane-sword and top-hat attack.
  • Immune to pathetic weaklings.


  • Neo-neucleur atomatons.
  • It is also afraid of the dreaded Godville Administrator.