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Monsters of Godville
Class Lizard
Habitat Lakes
Description Dinosaur-like lizards with very big teeth

The second most feared monster in all the land, second only to the Godville Administrator. This monstrosity is one of the biggest, baddest, bravest, brawniest, and other adjective starting with "b", ever. This beast is said to be taller than a temple, stronger than steel, and faster than five ferocious farts. In the end, these rumors have been proven to be false. The Godvilla is only 20 feet tall, fat, though strong, and can be easily outrun by a hero. They live mainly in woods where there are very few trees as they need room to move. There are very few skinny ones since their diet is mostly ManBearPig bodies. Once spotted, these guys will walk toward the target and follow it until either the target is cornered, runs away, or the Godvilla gets tired. During battle, the monster will attack slowly, but heavily. Strong armor is necessary to withstand the attacks. Especially fireproof armor. These guys can breathe fire like a champ. They can shoot fireballs nonstop for over a minute. Never leave your guard down. Ever.


  • Cane-sword and top-hat attack.
  • Immune to most physical attacks


  • Neo-neuclear atomatons.
  • It is also afraid of the dreaded Godville Administrator.