Godpower Accumulator

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The power levels are slowly filling up...

The Godpower accumulator allows you to restore your Godpower to your Remote Control. It can be very useful when your hero meets a strong monster or gets into a fight with another hero or for giving a lesson if the hero did something extremely nasty or encouraging if he did something unusually good. Every charge in the godpower accumulator can restore 50% godpower.

There are four ways to charge your godpower accumulator:

  • If your accumulator is empty, you can convert 100% of godpower into one charge of the godpower accumulator. This is only available for the first three charges.
  • One accumulator charge is awarded to the winner of arena duel (but not to the winner of skirmish in the field).
  • A fully-built Temple generates several charges per day for his owner.
  • Charges can be bought by clicking on “Charge Accumulator” link in your Remote Control.