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Godpower - a god's best friend. The energy source of all their endeavours.

Often abbreviated to GP, this form of energy is thought to be pure magic mixed with a few gamma photons. It behaves in a strange way such that one may mistake it for being the actual essence of consciousness which has lead to it being called this. However, this would mean that it is always being created and the law of conservation of godpower states otherwise. This pivotal law in godpower-dynamics states that godpower can neither be created nor destroyed but only converted from potential godpower into kinetic godpower which manifests itself down in the realm of the mortals, and then is converted back to its potential form again by means of a hero's prayer. Godpower can be focused on a hero using a god's remote control via a component that goes by the unfortunate name of 'G.A.S.E.R.' (godpower amplification by stimulated emission of radiation). If the magic content of the godpower is increased, the effect on the hero is one of encouragement. If the high-energy gamma photon content is amplified, the overall effect is one of punishment and is very similar to a thunderbolt. This has lead to commercial use of the remote control as a method for influencing heroes.

How to use

A God's Remote Control runs on a remarkable energy source known as Godpower the reserves of which are stored in Accumulator charges. The Godpower Accumulator can be used to restore Godpower to the remote control but only up to a certain level. It is for this reason that the level of power left in the remote control is measured in percentages. A hero can restore godpower with Sacrifices, prayers and on other occasions, that will always be mentioned in the diary. There are many activities that require Godpower, such as sending a hero to the arena, encouraging and punishing a hero and of course, activating some of those rare Activatable Artifacts. A god should take care to preserve their Godpower for they never know when their hero will find themselves in trouble.