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God Morgan Freeman was born in 1937,

The first time that Morgan Freeman saw himself Crying in the mirror, he became old. And he remaind that way his whole life. from that on every time that Morgan Freeman Crys, it begins to rain, in heaven.

When Morgan Freeman makes a documentary, then nature makes it so. the only reason that the sun rises is because Morgan Freeman married to that sun in his dreams the night before. The only reason that you are alive right now is that Morgan Freeman is narating your life. as he does for billions of others, each day.

Morgan Freeman speaks trough Millions of Microphones each day because his voice turns them into bars of gold. Wich he uses to fund his quest to create a real Santa Claus. Morgan Freeman can not be cloned, because that would require unicorn tears.

Morgan Freeman doesn’t have intercourse, because when he smiles a truck full of baby’s apears. Pinguins didin’t exist until Morgan Freeman made the movie, March of the Pinguins, he is that good. if you are having a rough day, think about Morgan Freeman because he thinks about you too.

Join the Freeman church, Call: 125-555-673