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The Celestial Guild Is Formed

The night was filled with joy and celebration in the town of Beerburgh, the hero sulked. "I can't decide what I'll stand for, all I have is my beer and some tacos.", when suddenly a fight between drunken heroes emerged. At first the hero was prepared to ignore it, but in an instant his world was interrupted. The fight landed on his table, flipped his beer and tacos into the nearby courtyard pool. Screaming with rage words of death filled the air and he fought with all his might. Resurrected by the pool nursing his head wound, he starred into a beer swirl surrounding the tacos in the pool. A chuckle followed by a wicked smile he wrote "My tAc0s Ar3 g0n3, th3y'r3 D3AD 1n th3 P00l...". Force trauma to his head, left his writing hard to read but with all capitol letters and the numbers 300, he formed D3ADP00L. Our hero, was named Wade Deadpool Wilson.

Yes, in that time it was easy to understand. When a god sent a message it was glorious indeed, yet one has to wonder... What purpose does it serve? But the day came, the day when the God Belialevil became bored. A profound hero he created, a guild inspired by his illustrious guidance, even a celestial bound amongst Gods... Will soon be challenged by his enraged wrath. Wrath so terrifying, so destructive, it can only be described by chaos.

A Celestial Marriage Has Bond

A Celestial Rift Of Heroes

The Celestial Battle Begins

Celestial Mania Is Here

Celestial Champions Of GodMania