Giant Enemy Crab

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Monsters of Godville
Giant Enemy Crab
Class Crustacean
Habitat Beaches
Description Monster Crab

The Giant Enemy Crab should not be confused with the Friendly Crab, as they may easily lead to an untimely demise. The Giant Enemy Crab will more than likely attack on sight and will use it's giant pincers to squish and sever you. Although you'd expect them to mostly inhabit the land around the oceans or lakes, that is just not so. Once they reach the Giant size they are capable of wandering far inland and can somehow breath the air. The Giant Enemy Crab starts out as a baby crab with no alignment, after consuming all it's siblings and anything else that crosses it's path, it starts to become evil eventually becoming an enemy to all living things. They are especially your enemy and they don't like you. Don't worry though, I don't think they like me either.


  • Giant Pincers and claws.
  • Crazy beady eyes that see in all directions.(At once!)
  • They have a hard solid shell that is hard to penetrate.


  • Boiling water will cook them.
  • They have a dislike of melted butter.
  • Attack the crab's weak point to inflict massive damage.