Ghosts along the Mississippi

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Ghosts along the Mississippi
Motto: ubi est tartaro condimentum
Totem Monster: Barking Catfish
Leader: GodTomov 
Guild Page: Ghosts along the Mississippi 

In a world...where tartar sauce is limited to the search of catfish allies, in hopes of colonizing a new age of fishy goodness.


In the guild there are strong and powerful gods who will stop at nothing to protect the guild name and followers from fish-stick mockery and foul language. We are proud to introduce to Godville the great and ominous Mother Catfish in which we serve and praise, and once we can figure out how to upload a picture she will be seen by all!!!

Screenshot 2016-01-05-22-20-38.png


Our guild historians worked hard on unveiling the mysterious story of how our sacred Mother Catfish formed a friendship with the founder of this guild, a world class chef... Clueless for some weeks, they finally found the memoire of our founder. They needed a bit more days to be able to decipher it fully, due to the state of decomposition of the little book, eaten in part by termites, sticky with spider webs, and splodges here and there with an unidentified sticky substance. They then elaborated their guildmates what they had discovered.

The story went like this: this chef, whose gender remains unknown, was saved from dying of starvation by our Mother Catfish who sacrificed herself in order to feed him/her. They then cooked her into fish and chips, and ate it with tartar sauce, the chef's favorite. In a show of eternal gratitude, the founder used their necromancy skill to revive the Catfish, but things went strange and she came back as a ghost. Our founder thanked her, and asked why she sacrificed her life, to what she answered that she was actually tired of raising so many kids... She had thought that dying like that would be somehow heroic, and her children would be proud to continue their life in her memory.

Or that's what the historians deduced, as that part of the book was particularly unreadable. Anyways, our founder was thankful, that was for sure. She became the founder's dear friend, and they settled right next to the Mississippi river, where the children catfish lived, so that they could watch them grow. In some point of the founder's life, they met some heroes who liked their way of living, and decided to found a new guild, in honour of the catfish who saved them. She then became the guild's familiar.

The Mother Catfish's children also became the guild's familiar and scouts. Even now, they remain around as ghosts and join their mother after we eat them when they had grown old. Hence the large state-of-art kitchen in our guild hall. Right next to our private tavern of course. Can't forget the alcohol for our heroes.