Get the show on the road

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Get the show on the road
a moment you'll never remember and a story you'll never forget
a show that got on the road once

Get the show in the road is a quest where your heroine will help a bunch of extraordinary people get by.

General Information

Getting a show in the road is not an easy task. For a start, adventurers should look for a show in distress or improvise one of their own. There is not an objective definition of a show, any bunch of people with abilities to show off who can be assembled in a caravan are good enough; though some scholars argue that a show should have (at the very least) a strong person, a skilled juggler, an acrobat and a wise magic user. Keep in mind that the show folks won't work for money but for appreciation of their art. Good heroes will have a hard time admirating their talents, if you have indoctrinated them properly every skill display will be met with "that's impressive, but the almighty can do it better".

Nevertheless, sooner or later a show will accept the leadership of your worshiper. Then a route must be traced towards a major city. Then the show will get itself on the road, the heroine's only role is to guide and protect the caravan through Godville's wilderness. It's not compulsory that all of the show folks arrive safe and sound, but it's better if they do. The quest will end with a great appearance in the chosen town, parades and carnivals are to be expected as soon as suitcases touch the ground, your minion should behave itself as much as possible for public safety reasons.

After all is said and done, the show will stay for a while until another heroine gets them back on the road. Yours will thank them for the memories and proceed to take the reward.

Tips for Completion

  • You wouldn't let your minion choose even their clothes, don't let them pick the show for us sake!
  • Ensure that (would there be a battle) your adventurer can distinguish between friend and foe before delivering blows
  • Don't get too attached, your heroine was made to drink, and so she can forget anything no matter how important. You can't and definitely shouldn't do as she does
  • Remember it's not about the destination but the journey; so keep your eyes peeled for any trouble until you get there, not when you get there