Gemstone Sanctuary

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Gemstone Sanctuary
Motto: ✨ Fortuna Harmonia ✨
Alignment: neutral
Gold Fund: 6594 c.u.
Date Founded: 04.12.2017
Membership Count: 11
Pantheon of unity Rank: 611
Forum Headquarters: Gemstone Sanctuary
Guild Page: Gemstone Sanctuary 
Data current as of 15/01/2021

Welcome to our Godwiki page. This Guild was founded on the 2765 g.e.

About and Our Cause

The Gemstone Sanctuary is a guild where we wish to provide a place for heroes and their gods to stay and relax. We are accepting of all alignments in life. Each person can be seen as their own gem, we wish to help provide a way for each hero to reach their potential but to also to enjoy the small amounts of calm between all the beer bills and monster slaying. For each gem has a large amount of magic.

Of course, we wish to explore and collect all the gems in the realms of Godsville. Even try to create new Gem types.


Guild Identification

Each member will get their guild membership card which means discounts at healers, discounts at traders and a flashy new card that your hero can
smugly hand to the bar owner when they ask for ID. We've also decided that that each member should get their very own


personal ring. Each ring is in-crested with a gem chosen by the hero when they arrive at Guild Headquarters and sign up. This is so they may be blessed upon their travels. Do not worry, we don't take anything from savings for this.


  • Any Alignment
  • Any level

And that's it! We're a semi-casual guild so do not worry if you are not the best player around.

Joining our Guild

If you wish to join our Guild just send the voice command 'Join the "Gemstone Sanctuary" Guild' while out traveling and not fighting monsters. No need to cancel your initial quest. If the hero tries to join another guild and you don't wish to, just send "Cancel this quest" several times.

Guild Headquarters

We are currently building our headquarters on the eastern edge of Godville. We provide small lodgings to rest in the lower


parts of the hall for those after a long journey and are currently building a commons room for all our guild members.

Gem Collection

As we are the Gemstone Sanctuary, it would only make sense we try to collect as many precious gems as we can. So we've decided to dedicate the lowest floor of our Guild Hall to shelving gems found among our guild heroes journeys.