Geek Squad

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The Geek squad is a group of village idiots hell bent on biting the heads off of chickens. As such they where run out of the towns and became crazy and enraged. Now they spend their time hunting down adventurers and robbing them of their money, soas to spend it on chickens. Then then bite the heads off of the chickens. However it is notable that they do not swallow the heads or eat the bodies of these chickens as their god is a giant chicken. They bite the heads off of chickens to honor him and kill these sacraligious evil abominations. Since the chickens look like their god but are many times smaller, they find this to be an afront on him. However, it is also noteworthy that they worship a fake god that does not exist. The village idiot that started this craze had angered a passing wizard and in revenge the wizard cast a spell of a giant chicken to scare the village idiot who fell to his knees and began to worship chickens.


  • Strong against chickens and most poultry.
  • Super headless chicken attack.


  • Giving them chickens will distract them from you.
  • Weak against foxes and firefoxes.