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The Gastronaut is a great hulking creature most commonly found in Dungeons.

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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Gas
Habitat dungeon
Description Unknown
Boss Type 2-Ability Dungeon
Part Level Level 2

Though its origins are unknown, the earliest literary reference to the Gastronaut was found on an ancient post-it note blowing around the square in Godville. Rumour has it the Gastronaut is a fearsome creature, but few heroes survive to tell the tale. Its name derives from its relentless desire to discover the secrets of gastronomic nirvana.

The Gastronaut spends its time experimenting with cuisines from across the world. The smell of delicious cooking often wafts across the dungeon, causing many a hungry hero to follow thier nose to the Gastronaut's lair. The Gastronaut does not enjoy being disturbed, and will attack any unsuspecting hero or creature who stumbles across it. If any hero is lucky enough to steal a taste of the Gastronaut's food, their tastebuds will undergo an evolution and they will instantly become gastronomically enlightened. This blessing is a two edged sword however - from that point onwards, all normal food will taste like cardboard for the hero.


The Gastronaut is a large creature, humanoid in nature but with grey skin. It has small eyes, a large nose and a large mouth. It is specialised for tasting and smelling foods, but its large teeth and heightened sense of smell also serves well in combat. Often found wearing a space suit, a chef's apron or a chef's hat, its lair is enticing to heroes, with rich, delicious smells emanating from the surrounding rooms.

The Gastronaut stands over 5 meters tall, and weighs over 1 Ton.


The Gastronaut's main attacks involve using its large body to crush or slam the hero. It may use its heightened sense of smell to identify and exploit weaknesses in the hero's constitution.

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