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Champion of the God: Jimbob64
Personality: Simple
Gender: Male
Motto: Cogito, ergo dum!
Guild: E.I.S. Eternal
Temple Completion Date: November 3, 2012
Pet Type: rocky raccoon
Pet Name: Rex

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What will be the link to the most current episode will be HERE as soon as I remember how to make a Wiki link to & the previous sections will go below here, with titles made up after the fact because after the first few there's going to be a table of contents anyway.

Character Summary

Still REALLY under construction, this all being typed from a smartphone.

Grew up in a "respectably poor" neighborhood just outside Last Resort, with a family tradition of work in the "hero support" industries (I.E., bartending, shopkeeping, etc.)

Raised by his mother alone from the age of one, (he IS the merchant's son, pretty much) since his father left town after accusations about theft of a golden brick from a local hero were proven true. Not particularly fond of heroes growing up, but bore them no ill will either. His mother took over operation of the family store, and Gary learned to work quietly sweeping the streets of Last Resort proper clean of litter.

Was not at all expecting to be the Chosen of any god, let alone a novice one.

GTG, more details to come. United with his god in unconventional fashion, the two began their travels while searching for loved ones: the hero looking for his missing father, and the god just hoping to go home again one day.

Currently they have a tentative understanding of each other... or they believe so.

Chronicles of Gary-sue

For the most recent Incident: "click here.": Other than that, the chapters of this hero's life will be recorded here.


Chapter One

Glossary of Minor Characters or Whatever



Past Occupations/Life

MAKING @*#& UP...