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Champion of the God: Jimbob64
Personality: Simple
Gender: Male
Motto: Cogito, ergo dum!
Guild: E.I.S. Eternal
Temple Completion Date: November 3, 2012
Pet Type: rocky raccoon
Pet Name: Rex

One day, I will put something here... one day. Sooner than you might think... Thank you GodSourceRunner (U • C • T) !


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What will be the link to the most current episode will be HERE as soon as I remember how to make a Wiki link to & the previous sections will go below here, with titles made up after the fact because after the first few there's going to be a table of contents anyway.

Originally taken on in a half-dare, half punishment by the god GodJimbob64 (U • C • T) , who promised to raise him up to the status of epic legendary hero, never to return until his mission is fulfilled. (Insanity pleas having fallen on deaf ears, Jimbob has now accepted he's probably stuck on the mortal plane forever with only his devoted yet clueless man-child prophet for company.)

About the man himself...  He tends to live "in the moment" 24/7, regardless. Best described as "7 feet of brawn, beer breath, and blissful apathy" he is said to posess the inner peace of a Zen or Buudhist master... which only makes sense when considering the vast evidence against him ordinarily being capable of more complex thought.

Waaaaaay too easygoing and trusting, in the words of his own god. Once gave 10,000 gold to a complete stranger claiming to be a con man (no doubt) who "needed the money to go straight." No one ever saw that money again. And despite his god once using him for target practice and a lightning rod, he believes to this day that every one of those hits was an accident, and continues to cheer his god on when this happens, firmly believing "his aim will improve eventually."

Right. About... him. He's not exactly stupid, just oblivious to most things, with a simple mind preferring to skip over more complicated things when possible and just "wing it" rather than give concentrated thought to most of his quests.

To be continued. Rambling's done for now.

Blah be blah de blah put something here for real once I explain how come his rocky raccoon is both legally his father now and authorized to make end-of-life decisions for him. Introducing the topic is probably going to be the biggest challenge.



Past Occupations/Life

MAKING @*#& UP...