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One day, I will put something here... one day. Sooner than you might think... Thank you GodSourceRunner (U • C • T) !

Originally taken on in a half-dare, half punishment by the god GodJimbob64 (U • C • T) , (long story, not one for here, that's his god's problem) the life of this okay I'm outta ideas. We get a few more words in every few months and it'll be done before 2048!

Blah be blah de blah put something here for real once I explain how come his rocky raccoon is both legally his father now and authorized to make end-of-life decisions for him. Introducing the topic is probably going to be the biggest challenge.

Full name: Gary-sue Q. Magoo*. Because his parents were sick people with a cruel sense of humor. How he got his name, no one is sure. His family's name is actually something innocuous like Jackson probably. Maybe he got his name on a drunken dare.

* What does the Q stand for? If you guessed pretty much anything, you're wrong. The Q stands for "Edgar."