Garlic Elemental

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Monsters of Godville
Garlic Elemental
Class Elemental
Habitat Swamps
Description shape-shifting sentient essence of garlic

The Garlic Elemental have tomato-red eyes, which will in most cases make any hero with IQ higher than the average rock realize that danger is near. Another sign that a garlic elemental is near is the strong smell this monster gives off.

An interesting fact about the garlic elemental is that you can actually see wavy lines of smell being given off by one. This is thought to be the only place in nature where this bizzare phenomenon occurs. It is said that in the very heart of the monster lies a single leek. Nobody have ever found out what the purpose of this leek is. There is also the speculation that the eyes of this monster are indeed tomates, and that its brain is a turnip. Nobody knows if this is true although scientists are researching this rumour.

Garlic elementals use their strong smell to overpower the enemy before moving in for the kill. If you see signs of one in the area you should wrap your face in a piece of cloth and find something to block your nose with. The meat of a garlic elemental make great pizza-toppings.

Garlic Elementals can also use their breath to curse heroes with an Aura of confusion.

!Hero's Diary
12:25 With its dying breath, the Garlic Elemental cursed me with a confusion aura and died. Oh no...



  • Makes a smell that can make anyone faint
  • Delivers devastating onion based attacks
  • Can summon other garlic elementals to aid it in battle by giving off a warning scent


  • It is highly flammable
  • Not very stealthy due to smell
  • Easy to beat if correct precautions are taken before combat