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* {{god|Kaozin}} and his hero Thelios
* {{god|Kaozin}} and his hero Thelios
* {{god|Luxenterna}} and his heroine Lynea Healinghand
* {{god|Onyxoverlord}} and his hero Bob The Vile
* {{god|Synonymous}} and his hero Stony Shinobi
* {{god|Wololo}} and his hero Borderpatrol
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Kaozin and Thelios
Kaozin and Thelios
Luxenterna and Lynea Healinghand
Onyxoverlord and  Bob The Vile
Synonymous and Stony Shinobi
Wololo and Borderpatrol

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Ganja Smokers Local 420
Motto: Ganja Smokers Unite
Alignment: Humane
Date Founded: 20th April 2011
Membership Count: 20
Town with Greatest Influence: Amsterdamville (%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 152
Forum Headquarters: Ganja Smokers Local 420
Guild Page: Ganja Smokers Local 420 
Data current as of 8th September 2011

We are the Ganja Smokers Local 420!

We are the golden gods standing tall as a beacon to those in Need.

Does your hero feel pain? Cannabis Indica has been known for centuries to be an analgesic without peer.

Does your hero need a safer way to communicate with you? Cannabis Sativa has been used by every religion, either as an anointing oil, sweet incense or dozens of other methods to communion with god.


In the beginning,there was nothing. Life existed in the Void. Then there was Godville, And Godville seemed to have a lot of alcohol drinkers, a lot of alcohol related activity.

One Day while enroute to Godville, the God Hashishina and her Heroine Hashish Assassin met the God after which her Heroine was named. The God Hashish Assassin with his hero Hashishin Allah would share their Hashish and share a common fellowship with their new friends. They would often commiserate about the high cost of being a Hashishin, a specialized assassin in this land of Beer o' plenty. After much thought and discussion the gods decided they needed a place where they could control all aspects of Hashish Production. The Hashishin were the Elite fighting force under the guidance of Hashishin Allah that was responsible for the protection of the villages and towns where the Hashish was produced.

The God Ganja Mon was recruited with his Hero Red Ganja and together the Sacred Trinity formed the Ganja Smokers Local 420.

It was decided that too many people were getting rich exploiting the many facets of Hashish production. The farmers were exploited and forced to pay exorbitant fees for the best resin producing strains. They were then exploited a second time trying to get the “advanced nutrients” the charlatan’s claimed they needed! Heroes who found hunting or fighting difficult were exploited for the labor intensive stripping and processing. And so on. The Ganja Smokers Local 420 was formed to organize a collective co-op of growers and smokers, large and small farmers, large and small coffeeshops, indoor and outdoor growers, water hash, nederhash, pressed afghan hash importers and everyone in between. We get you a FAIR price! Whether you are selling the God Neville’s Haze, the God Shanti’s Super Silver Haze or The God Sam The Skunkmans Skunk No.1. Or whether you are buying the God RezDogs East Coast Sour Diesel to get intoxicated, the Medicine Man for your medical needs or Santa Marta Gold to communicate with your higher self you can feel confident that the product you purchased/Sold was and IS guaranteed by GS420.

But we are so much more than that!

We also protect you when you are traveling to and/or from a delivery, if you have a dispute with a merchant or any other work related incident. You are automatically insured against Ganja eating Monsters up to 110% of your product lost and/or up to 3 Gold Bricks to your significant Hero should you be eaten as well!

AND As if that weren’t enough, FREE personalized RESSURECTION services in a timely and dignified manner.

The "Ganja Smokers Local 420" guild emphasizes freedom and free will over ALL. All our heroes join GS420 of their own free will, and likewise, leave of their own free will too.

To make guild life in GS420 more interesting, we do have competitions, 420 Council, and things like a guild noticeboard and a forum thread. Every member plays an IMPORTANT part in GS420 and we can all make the guild awesome together!


Here at the Cannabis Smokers Local 420 we are a full service union. We house 28 distinct branches under 1 large, smoke infused High Rise complex consisting of 5 separate buildings.

Building 1 is Administration

. Here is where you do the mundane, such as making sure your dues are up to date, make sure the hourly updated quotes are applied to your transactions, sign up for courses and more. Building 1 is sponsored by the God Neville so there are more Hazes than you can shake a stick at to help insure that your visit to Building 1 will be an uplifting and productive one!

Building 2 is the Medical Building and Sick Bay

. If you are new to the union you are going to want to get your medical access card which entitles you to sleeping pill replacements(Ganja), anti-anxiety ganja,Pain Relief Ganja etc.... You bring in your traditional big pharma products and our Farm Assists will find you a suitable alternative! Also our DO's are First rate Holistic Healers who will take care of ALL your medical needs!

Building 3 is Housing

. By now you know many religions have adopted the every believer gets a mansion at the right hand of god rig-a-ma-role but the Ganja Smokers Local 420 was the FIRST to implement the every GOD gets a mansion, the best one they can think of, EVER, and it is NO WHERE NEAR those lovely hero’s. YES, we all know that if it weren’t for all the little people praying and tithing and believing in us, being a god wouldn’t be so glamorous. But honestly, they want and they want and they want and they want! It doesn’t matter if I have just started a sit on the throne, or the Goddess of the hour is demanding some affection, there is always some hero asking which fork in the road leads to paradise? PARADISE?!? I feel like shouting Neither!! You twit, haven’t you been paying attention at ALL?? Okay, it seems I digress. But housing is where you want to go to secure your main residence in Amsterdamville, as well as up to 3 satellite residences and 1 commercial establishment. Please note: Ganja Farmers must use Building 5 unless you are a 100% indoor farmer using commercial buildings.

Building 4: Under Construction

Building 5: Coffeeshop Central.

CC as it is called is the largest of the 5 buildings.Standing Tall in the center with the other 4 buildings connected as anchor points, that Coffeeshop Central looks like a Spaceship is no accident. Made of Glass formed from diamonds, Coffeeshop Central while 103 stories high has only 10 "Floors". Each floor is a self-contained environment with its own eco-system and energy supply,

The 1st floor is the main meeting area. A full sized replica of Yankee Stadium from the Future New Amsterdam, curiously called Bronx, New York in the bizarro future that is 2011 fills the space. You can easily fit 55,000 of your closest god friends and associates and still have room to for The Rolling Stones to perform a fully staged concert show on the field for your groups entertainment! Please Note: Phish is only available for special occasions and due to the God Jerry Garcia's refusal to resurrect, The Grateful Dead will not be playing stadiums. NOTE:Patron Saint Robert Nesta Marley, Bob Marley to the heroes, has agreed to do a single show, on floor 10 of CC (The Randall's Island Floor) ONCE (1x) per year at the Harvest Festival!!

Some of the other "Floors" include a fully functional Barney's World, where Barney's Breakfast Bar, Barney's Uptown and Amnesia share the space with full sized exact replica's of the Famous Amsterdam Coffeeshops. If Barney's isn't your cup of tea, Chocolata, Grey Area,Katsu and others fill the independents floor. There is a Greenhouse Floor where you are transported to Amsterdam Centrum Sitting outside in the Red Light District or lounging in the lavish space of the "Private Club". One floor holds the monthly Breeders Cup competitions while the Quarterly Growers Cup and Tokers' Bowl are favorites of gods and heroes alike! The yearly High Tides Cannabis Cup is open to all, transparent and free from Conflict of Interests! Judges are culled from the GS420 membership and it is considered an honor and a true responsibility to be chosen. Judging without honestly critiquing each and every sample, while NO LONGER results in automatic BE-HEADING, it is so discouraged that the offender loses all rights and privileges for a year, double your dues payment and having your name entered into the Hall of Shame makes you long for the days when beheading was permitted!


420's motto was not something that was chosen for a reason. Neither was it chosen for NO reason. It also is CURRENTLY a revolving Motto!

'It’s 420 SOMEWHERE!”

It is a motto that drives our members crazy! HOW can it be 420 somewhere? That defies logic!

It ONLY defies logic to NON-GS420 members! Because Guild members KNOW that 420 is NOT just a time. It's a spirit! It's a commitment! It's a struggle!

It is a motto that every loyal member of GS420 honors, to the very end.

Oh yeah, By The Way... we ARE accepting submissions for our PERMANENT Motto! PLEASE feel free to submit one!

Active Members

  • GodXhex  and and her heroine Xyrena


The guild is organized into:

The Elders Council.

The decision-making council of the GS420 that leads and protects the guild.

The Temple Dragon Council

The Day to Day Operations Committee and Elders Liaison.!

The Guild Officers

Members of the guild with important roles. They work together with the Temple Dragon Council to keep the guild running.

The Mercenaries

Members of the guild. The Blood and Guts of the organization. Without them the guild would wither before harvest time.

Elders Council


Canna Bis

Temple Dragon Council

Captain Chronic with the Kushinator, Cannabis Sativa with Chem Dog, TBD

Guild Master, Guild Engineer and Spiritualist

Guild Officers

To Be Decided


Djhughes94 and Killer Blue

Harold N Kumar & Cheechen Chong

Shaira and Kahshi

Sopkopter and Sopper

Whet Ballz and Dic Tater

Cheechen Chong and Tangerine Dream

Kortalor and Argalia

Xhex and Xyrena

Animal Mother and Animal Mother

Bloodwrath55 and Chandra Nalaar

Ceilican and Amaryline

Torisfell}} and Stiev

Nagielum}} and Lickidy Split

New Flesh and Max Renn

Kaozin and Thelios

Luxenterna and Lynea Healinghand

Onyxoverlord and Bob The Vile

Synonymous and Stony Shinobi

Wololo and Borderpatrol


In order for the guild to stay together, communication is important.

In GS420, there are 3 main ways of communication:

The Guild Wiki page (This page right here) - Gives information about GS420

The Guild Noticeboard (The discussion page of the Guild Wiki) - Guild Announcements and news

The Guild Forum Thread (Forum) - A place for members to chat and ask questions

To all members of GS420, please use these forms of communication to interact with the guild :)