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Gamer's Guild
Motto: Ludis Amicus Mysterium
Alignment: Gaming
Gold Fund: 1347 c.u.
Founders: GodMeldra  and GodRaindropstop 
Date Founded: March 2012
Membership Count: 8
Unity Pantheon Rank: 220
Forum Headquarters: The Gamer's Forum
Murder Mystery 1: 1st Hosted Murder Mystery
Guild Page: Gamer's Guild Stats

Welcome to the Gamer's Guild!

Once upon a time, there was nothing. Then some gods decided to create a world. A world that they could control… And so it began. Each god created a hero to worship him/her, and to fight off monsters that inhabited the world. Soon word spread far and wide about this new world and other gods came to create their own heroes. Pretty soon the world was full of gods and heroes. The gods found themselves gravitating to others like themselves, and started forming groups, or guilds, so they wouldn’t be alone. Each guild had their own niche, there were good guilds, evil guilds, and guilds built around ideals that their gods treasured more than other ideals.

But there was no guild for gods who liked gaming. Until now. Welcome to the Gamer’s Guild! It is a place for gods who love to game can chill and relax with others like themselves. We enjoy all kinds of games, such as role playing, D&D, card and board games, mind games, video games, and story telling… aka chronicling. So if you are passionate about games, come and join us.

Any god is welcome, good, evil, or in between, though we ask while in this guild to not harm any living creatures (except monsters, and your own hero, if you choose to do so) anywhere in Godville.

We are here to help you out to learn about Godville. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. We are also here to be sounding boards if you are into chronicling and would love to help you out! So come join the Gamer’s Guild, you won’t regret it!!

Murder Mystery

We will be hosting many Inter Guild Murder Mysteries. Here will be posted the Summaries, cast Lists and other information per Game.

The Suicide at the Cream de la Creme

Story conceived by GodMeldra and written by GodMeldra and GodRaindropstop .


The Cast:

Condo Dwellers-

Flame Bouyant- GodMeldra 

Jasper- GodWatermelonRZ 

Jorge/George- GodHairplug4men 

Apartment 1A - Mrs. Priscilla Agelly- GodOnella 

Apartment 1B - James Tyson and Nella Mandel- GodThe ANT and GodGreta Octavia Didi 

Apartment 1C - Robert Pattinson- GodTaquitos 

Apartment 2A - Empty. One of units for open house.

Apartment 2B- Brian (deceased) and Haley Prenate- GodDragon123 and GodCeccetticat 

Apartment 2C - Mr. Ronald Crump- First Victim (deceased)

Apartment 3A- Sai Ni and Rachel Ni- GodNonnal  and GodSuperclaire Returns 

Apartment 3B Ramon Telanovela- GodJustday 

Apartment 3C- Empty, other condo for sale


Detective Titsy D. Kupps (deceased)- GodRaindropstop 

Dectective Han D. Withgunz- GodProsnoopy 

Mal Gemelo- GodKing of Popstar 

Penny Leach- GodSBFH 

Mitch and Amanda Hacker– GodAres-13 and GodDragon of Darkness 

Lyndsay Lopan- GodArtsonian 

Thomas Rob- GodBenign Neglect