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| stats = http://godvillegame.com/stats/guild/GWJ
| stats = http://godvillegame.com/stats/guild/GWJ
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Motto: We will reclaim the throne!
Date Founded: At the beginning of the Universe
Guild Page: GWJ 


The GWJ Guild was one of the earliest myths of Godville. Soon after Godville was made by The Great Random in negative 902 G.E. a concept for a guardian guild was made. That guild later took on the name "Gamers With Jobs."

One of our War Cats killing an enemy Death Snake to save a town.

One of our original members uniting the crowns of Upper and Lower Godville

GWJ- the Gamers With Jobs- is one of the most powerful guilds in all of Godville. At least it was at one time. And it's slowly regaining its former strength; it's about 1/3 of the way there, and no guild in Godville at this time has managed to get to that strength yet. So, at the very beginning, GWJ was the rulers of the world. Before even the Godville Administrators. Those were the end of the guild. Before the administrators, GWJ was the ultimate power - to be in it was to be considered a god. Nobody dared to pick up an apple without a GWJ members permission. But then, at the height of their power, the Godville administrators placed an agent inside the GWJ, who assassinated the leaders, and brought ruin to the guild. All for the sake of a GWJ members pet hamster eating the Administrators spaghetti. Such extremism. But now GWJ is on a steady rise back to power, and it will soon rule the world again!


We have many, many powerful, occasionally secret, bases across the known world. One of the most important is the "Sarclao Altian", our great mothership, which orbits Godville, armed with:

  • 625160 gigawatt laser blaster which specialises in penetration defences, dispelling the shields. It has a range of 20 million kilometres
  • Paralyses Ray (non-lethal), which runs on converted dark matter. Very short range of 7 million kilometres.
One of our minor attack bases
  • Annihilation cannon, a which is able to destroy planets from billions of kilometres away, and fast enough to track and destroy ships in hyperspace jumps

We also have many onboard computers, which do activities such as: tracking ships, managing weapon systems, managing heating and air conditioning.

Another GWJ ship

Important members

(In progress-please remove sign when completed)

The Inner Circle of the Master Lords

After the great anarchy that corrupted the guild's influence occurred, most of the GWJ's records were destroyed. Included in those records was the succession of rulers that held the names of the great Lords that once ruled over the mighty guild.

This is the record for the latest known leaders of the GWJ Guild:

Jeffsceu - the ruler in times of peace

Klonopin - the ruler in the time of silence

Hedonism Bot - the ruler with the Lion's Heart

Current Masters:

Hedonism Bot - The Master of the Lords

Afiro d Siach - the Masters Left Hand

Liquidfree - Overseer

Ste1e - Judge

Jeffscue - Keeper of the Archives

Asurth - Lordship

MaggieAl - Ladyship

Master of Divines - The Master of the Lords Apprentice

Guild Facts and how to join us

To join GWJ, simply send the voice command "join GWJ" without the quote marks to the hero while he is out of town and not battling a monster. Do not cancel their current quest first. Also, this may take a few commands to work (as the hero is so stubborn, and due to a build up of earwax). If after 5 commands it does not work, try replacing the word "join" with "enroll"

Our official guild emblem is ♚,a crown which represents our once superiority in Godville. Please add it to the end of your motto to show your pride for GWJ!