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The Frothman Islands


You are a member of The Forsakens Lament, or an accompanying newcomer. You have been told that something stirs on the enigmatic Frothman Islands, something dangerous, something risking your immediate safety. The guild leader has disappeared, and the guild hall is becoming rapidly unstable and deadly; the rooms and walls revolting against your presence. Even the land seems hostile to you, lashing out, and the water is poisonous. And the source, you are told, is coming from Frothman Islands. Somewhere in those misty isles, something is actively threatening your ability to survive. It seems crazy to travel to the very source of the danger, but we will not be chased away from our new home, our guild-lands. For better or worse, for life or death, we will amass our forces, our wretched gathering of rejects, and confront whatever horrors await. We can use whatever help we can get against the mystery that haunts us.

We are the Lords of Desolation. Though futile, we march to battle. Though hopeless, we do not surrender. We are forsaken, but we rally to defend our last haven, to protect what we have found.

Will you join us?

How do I join and play?

1. Make an original character, and send your role to Cryptess or upcoming RP council members. You may use your already existing Godville character. If you choose an Oceana role, you will have to wait until the city is reached. You do not have to be a part of The Forsakens Lament guild to join this RP; any Godville player is welcome. This sheet need not be complicated but only give the basic idea of your character

  • Name:
  • Age and gender:
  • Type of being/creature: need not be a "god", but any type of creature or empowered mortal
  • Powers/abilities/weapons: being an original character in the land of Godville, you are free to make your own diverse power set. Powers will be closely scrutinized however, in the interest of fairness and a good game
  • Energy/ability source: eg supernatural gifting, curse, blessing, etc, important for later gameplay
  • Description/personality: can develop in game
  • Backstory: need not be incredibly immersive, but important for fitting your character into the story
  • Where/how you want to start out: (see point 3)

You may have an additional character from Oceana, but as for now, only one original character

2. Wait patiently for approval for your original character from Game Manager Derelict Red/Cryptess or any appointed RP council

  • Agree that the GM and associates have complete power over RP proceedings, but will be fair and try hard to develop a fun RP
  • Be creative but realistic in your character creation. Certain powers, like any overpowered tendencies will likely be rejected. Powers like omnipotence, omnipresence, time powers, and the like will quickly turned down
  • Read the commonly embraced guidelines for roleplaying at courtesy of Brinjal, to know the expectations of polite behavior to other players
  • You can come late into the game, there may easily still be a place for you - creative ideas for integrating your character into the plot are highly welcome

3. If approved, discuss where your character will start out with Cryptess or associates. It is very simple

  • Start out with the main force in abandoned city, about to embark to Frothman. (recommended) You need not be a part of the guild or have existing history with the group, insertion into the group without any prior interaction is perfectly doable. We can either make guild backstory for you or you can happen to be a player that stumbles across the main group
  • Meet the main force on the Island, whether being a survivor or member of Oceana. Choosing this option may require more patience, as the main group will take a small amount of time to reach the Island
  • Claim an important position in Oceana, where there is a long list of playable, simpler units, or leadership and civilian positions. Some positions are limited; if you really want a specific role, be sure to claim it quick
  • If you have a fantastic idea or want a unique starting point or backstory, discuss with Cryptessor associates. Brilliant ideas are highly welcome, we could hash out origins that greatly adds to the story or makes a unique role for you
  • Guild members do not get special treatment or advantages. There is one main plot, and those who follow it will get more attention

4. Writing in the Frothman Island RP

  • There is no specific level of writing required for this. Whether you be learning English or like to write shorter posts, that is perfectly acceptable. However, there is some level of quality asked for this RP - that doesn't mean massive posts, perfect English, but rather suitable effort. Bare posts, one liners after a huge, descriptive scenario will be very exasperating. This is intended to be a slow moving, developed RP. This RP is intended to write like a narrative story that can be read and enjoyed, but it should also be fun to write and not taxing. Don't be stressed
  • This RP has a large plot and will be updated, however, be patient, wait for the GM to update and develop situations. Inter character roleplaying and narrative is highly encouraged, developing story with other players. Do not expect the GM to develop every single little direction you pursue, the GM will be concentrating on the main group and main plot
  • On the actual RP thread, please do not ask questions or ask to join, rather refer to The Forsakens Laments main thread to ask questions or PM Cryptess or associates with questions or to join.
  • If you are engaged with another player, give them plenty of time. This is intended to be a calm RP, please do not rush them or post ahead of them
  • If you have an original character and an Oceana character, you can roleplay with yourself or develop story between the two
  • There will plenty of combat in this RP, still working on the best system

5. General Roleplay Structure and Information

  • Always feel free to PM Cryptess for help. If you have absolutely no clue how to use the forums or RP on Godville, then we can have a conversation and I will help you the best I can. Or ask any experienced roleplayer you know
  • Any time you have an idea or suggestion, please tell! We will be happy to improve the dynamic of the RP with character connections, plots, and more
  • Basic Instruction for Roleplaying on Godville: write text on your own program or Godville, go to forums, (located by settings, daily newspaper, godwiki), go to directed RP thread in Guild Headquarters, click "reply to topic", paste or write your text, click "post reply", (or "preview comment", which allows you to see how your post will look without posting it) and your text is posted. By your name, there is a little downwards arrow - click this to either edit or delete your post in 15 minutes, otherwise it becomes permanent. You are recommended to always have your post copied, as the forums may easily delete your entire text
  • Double posting is generally annoying, make sure to follow the posts of whomever you are roleplaying or interacting with and not skip them. For plot updates, pay attention to detail, as bad moves or ignoring details will often land you in deadly straights


Original characters (Same as above)

  • Name/age/gender
  • Description/personality
  • Race/type of being
  • General abilities/weapon
  • Power/energy source
  • Backstory

Original characters are allowed. Due to the nature of Godville, being "gods", abilities will be regulated and must be approved for sake of fair play. However, characters creation will not be restrictive; the enemies and even allies are very capable of opposing any overpowered abilities. Powers of omnipotence or omnipresence will not be tolerated for this RP; attempts at blatant godmodding or powerplaying will be either be ignored or punished

Your original character can "die", that includes the hero/god. However, the Forsaken have brought along a creature, the Epitaph Angel, that has the ability to retain supernatural essence and mortal genetics. In turn, the angel can restore you if meeting a grisly end. The process of restoration is unpleasant, and takes you out of the game for a little bit. Depending on what kills you, your foe may be significantly empowered

Oceana characters/positions

All characters must be approved

Limited spaces for certain units like leader or guardians

If unit or craft dies, you may recreate yourself, excepting Guardians

Any attempts to change ability or weapons in city are subject to refusal or impossibility by inventors

Any unit, except Guardians, can take on trainees or apprentices from civilians

Psychotic or evil personalities do not really make sense for Oceana roles, for the city is a highly efficient organization that must work seamlessly, and will not tolerate any destructive persons. However, as long as long your character in the city, works/fights for the good of the city, they can whatever you want against outside roles

One Political/social Leader, leader of the whole city, a more narrative role, but can make some important decisions or advice

  • Name/age/gender: should be above age 20
  • Name of title: Kind/Queen, hierarch, Overseer, etc
  • Description/personality: (required, for this makes them)

Two City Generals, one is already Janna Beast Lunter, also a Guardian. Generals typically have more city power than the political leader, and correspond with each other. They make tactical decisions for Oceana's military; Janna will be a guide in the beginning for whoever chooses this role

  • Name/age/gender: Should be above 20
  • Description/personality: (required, for this makes them)

Because of cooperation with Janna, the General will have more insight and knowledge about enemies, also the ability to push research into opposition and how to fight against them

Chief Inventor, future upgrade

Other Chiefs, possible future upgrades

Four Guardians, powerful supernatural or genetically modified units, with all around improved health, strength, speed, and defense. If you die, you cannot restart as a Guardian but a normal unit. Due to the nature of the enemies, playing as a Guardian may prove more difficult than a normal unit. Certain powers will be very regulated, like anything interfering with time or space, etc.

  • Name/age/gender: can be very long lived
  • Description/personality: (required, and can be developed in game)
  • Weapon/4 abilities of choice: can be very powerful, should follow a theme. (elemental, transformation, etc) Fire is already taken
  • Fifth ultimate power: exceeding preceding abilities but not anything ridiculous

Pilots, can create a vehicle, flying, ground, underground, water, (water not very useful) with certain abilities and aptitudes. All craft will be light craft, not massive cruisers and such. Every ship can hold one pilot and one mechanic

  • Name/age/gender: should be above age 20
  • Description/personality: (not necessary, can be developed in game)
  • Craft name:
  • Craft type: air, ground, underground
  • Craft emphasis: offense, speed, defense, scouting, etc
  • Craft appearance:
  • Two main weapons:
  • Two utilities: no self repair

Sacrifice utilities for ability to carry passengers

Cannot change craft unless destruction occurs

Cannot operate outside of Oceana without craft, but can roleplay inside city

If craft goes down, death is automatic

Soldiers, can choose basic weapons and abilities, not coming from supernatural ability but inventions or stimulants

  • Name/age/gender: should be above age 20
  • Description/personality: (not necessary, can be developed in game)
  • Choose weapon of choice: (melee/ranged) no heavy weapons: rifles, machine guns, elemental guns, shotguns, snipers, silenced guns, energized swords or other melee, other steampunk like weapons
  • Two attachments of choice: grenade launcher, flame launcher, stun gun, grappling gun, or something more fanciful
  • Two utilities of choice: defensive, escape, etc. Like shields, combat enhancement, but no self healing due to medic positions

Can later change weapons and utilities from inventors

Archons, heavy units, living humans or beings encased in steel armor. They are Nomads who have lost much of their physical ability, are usually mentally damaged, but still able to serve the city, assisted by their suits. Archons have a very straightforward array of weapons, basically function as artillery or cannon support. Much smaller than vehicles, they still dwarf common soldiers. Archons, being physically/mentally damaged, commonly have sacrificial tendencies, and are equipped with heavy explosives built into their suits. This is not a purposeful action by Oceana, but rather, to protect the defenseless inside the suit if it goes down and give them a way out, rather than either being slowly crushed or tormented by enemies. The city attempts to protect their Archons as much as a possible, but Archons will actively sacrifice themselves if Oceana units are in peril.

  • Name/age/gender: name, age, gender are commonly unknown, Archons are often designated with affectionate names from the soldiers they serve with
  • Description/personality: Archons do not have much of a personality, but maybe, a few subtle quirks. They are hardly living, only with a heart still supported by their suit. Archons are mostly bipedal, walking machines, heavily armored with no way into the "pilot", not even a window.
  • Artillery/Cannon on one arm: mortar, matter cannon, elemental cannon, etc
  • Blade/Shield on one arm: sword, axe, spear, etc, or large metal shield for defending soldiers
  • Augment to Blade or Shield: One charge energy blasts, harpoon blade, peepholes in shield for soldiers to shoot, etc
  • Automatic ability: Detonation, instant death
  • (If Medic role dies) Medic Archon: trade Blade/Shield for one empowered medic ability (healing included, see medic for options)
  • (If Mechanic Inventor role dies) Mechanic Archon: trade Artillery/Cannon for one empowered mechanic inventor utility (repair included, see mechanic inventor for options)

Cannot change weapons or blade/shields

If you die as an Archon, you can not replay an Archon

Mechanics Inventors, can remain in city or leave, have the abilities to fix problems and invent approved machines as game knowledge progresses. Can accompany pilots or soldiers and provide support, and repair Archons on the field

  • Name/age/gender: should be above age 20
  • Description/personality: (not necessary, can be developed in game)
  • Small sidearm: pistols, stun gun, etc
  • Four utilities of choice: already have chance to repair ability, choose one ability for each subset below

Small object construction: a single device you can craft quickly of your choice (turret, armor, bomb, etc)

Escape/defense/support utility: can support/empower other units

Escape/defense/support utility: can support/empower other units

Large object construction/Large project: one that takes a long time to build. This need not be immediately specified at the beginning of the game, but as knowledge increases, you may begin to craft an object or research a project that will be a big boost to battles or the city

Cannot change any abilities unless death occurs, but late game, can make small upgrades to abilities

Can choose upon death, to become a Mechanic Archon

Medics, can heal soldiers and perform other abilities against enemies.

  • Name/age/gender: should be above age 20
  • Description/personality: (not necessary, can be developed in game)
  • Abilities: Healing supplies and tough exoskeleton suit already included, choose two more

Healing allows for chance to speedily recover a unit, exoskeleton allows medics to carry units

Adrenalin: allows unit to recover from wound to escape or fight stronger

Stasis fields: for preserving a soldier from grievous negative effects for a short while

Jet/hover packs: durable long lasting flying apparatus, can carry one unit with you but is not a guaranteed escape

Mobile stretcher unit: hovering stretcher that can be pulled through the air and works very well with jet packs

Protective Shield: small bubble shield protecting one or two units that takes much abuse but only for a limited duration

Rapid air evacuation: allows instant escape with one unit but takes you from battle

Diversion tactics of your choice: eg flash bang, flares, noise throwing

Or one created ability of choice:

Cannot change any abilities until death

Can choose, upon death, to become a Medic Archon

Leaders, can make tactical decisions that must be obeyed. They can accompany troops to battle, lead them, or remain at home to command. Bonus points to leading them on the front. Will be in charge of several players, can die on the front. Can be large scale leaders in charge of NPCs, or elite leaders, in charge of a few players. Carry heavy weapons.

  • Name/age/gender: should be above age 20
  • Description/personality: (not necessary, can be developed in game)
  • Heavy weapon, no attachments: rocket launcher, grenade launcher, laser, etc
  • One command ability of choice: bombing run, group teleport, group shield, large bomb, Archon drop, troop boost, etc
  • Ability to command: Players under you must listen to commands or will be court marshaled and tried. You can of course take suggestions or listen to sage advice
  • Ability to command NPCs: larger amount of generic soldiers, make plays based more on numbers and rolls

Civilians, shop keepers, cooks, tavern keepers, bar tenders, managers, gardeners, doctors, sentries, city mechanics, trainees, apprentices just anything really

  • Name/age/gender: can be below age 20
  • Description/personality: (required, for this makes them)
  • Role: civilians are more suited to just plain narrative. Support soldiers in taverns, take care of a place, more relational with other characters

Civilians face minimal risk from creatures inside the city mechanics

Civilians are a very diverse role, feel free to discuss any specific ideas

Native Islanders, survivors and inhabitants already on Frothman

  • Name/age/gender, can be below 20
  • Description/personality
  • Three lesser supernatural abilities, (a good emphasis would be on survival) empowered weapon, or none
  • Followed god/belief, optional: Cannot play the followed Deity but only give a description and how you are linked to/empowered by god/belief. Should be somewhat of a "minor god", think tribal

Warning: This role would probably be difficult and boring, you might start out alone. Ask more about this role if you are interested, we will hash it out

The Island of Frothman

The City of Oceana

Oceana is a walking, sailing city of brilliant nomads. The population is 750,000, and every civilian past the age of 12 finds a discipline or job. They are a peaceful people, however, very ready and able to defend itself, the military making up one of the most important factions of the city. The city population is incredibly synchronized, every citizen knowing their job and getting it done on a daily basis. Where they hail from, the Nomads do not share much of, and they seem to distance themselves from their original race and land.

Oceana is a massive, technological marvel. The city base is metal and circular, with a perimeter wall of 70 meters, 35 meters being the base and containing the inner workers of the mechanical city. The city is defended by a large, highly advanced military, as well as five Guardians. Some of the most important roles in the military are the Mechanic Inventors, who keep the machine running, invent more marvels to benefit the city, and equip soldiers and defense. A variety of impressive vehicles are built here, including flying craft and highly mobile ground craft.

Oceana is incredibly unique in the lands of Godville, relying on a combination of mental ingenuity, technology, and powerful supernatural or genetically modified fighters. They are very practical but not condescending; for example they know for well the power and threat of the supernatural; they also are unusually kind and accepting, taking in many of the misplaced refugees from Frothman Islands.

The city is currently stuck in Bitterroot Valley for unknown reasons, a vast expanse of fertile forest and secrets.

Inside, there are four quarters: Military, residential, commerce, and gardens. Then there is the Underground.

  • Military: soldiers, inventors, and leaders live and work here. It is the biggest quarter.
  • Residential: Civilians live here. The smallest quarter but not cramped, space is utilized efficiently. Civilians mostly only sleep here.
  • Commerce: where civilians work, eat, and play. Food, supplies, and entertainment is sold here, taverns, eating halls, and non military factories make up this quarter. This is the second largest quarter.
  • Gardens: for growing food and pleasure viewing. Living on a giant machine makes these gardens a must for these nomads. The gardens is not the largest quarter, but branches of it extend throughout the city for beautifying purposes.
  • The Underground: this is where all the machinery for the city lies, like locomotion, defenses, heating, fuel, and more. It is incredibly vast, and the city does not have a constant presence there, due to the unpleasant environment. When repairs and maintenance must be made, Mechanic Inventors must be accompanied by an armed guard, for the Underground has collected various creatures and dangers during the long journeys of Oceana. Like a jungle of gears, steel, and tunnels, the Underground is filled with hiding places, and only the hardiest creatures can survive the grimy atmosphere down here.
  • Bottom/legs: There is a few lonely outposts on the bottom of the city. The retractable legs, 50 of them surrounding the base, stick out like a crab, and are capable of moving the gargantuan city slowly across the land. Due to the size of the city, Oceana is able to bypass rough terrain, but unable to scale really mountainous land.
  • Walls: These walls are like a turtle shell bristling with defenses. They have hallways and outposts scattered within hundreds of tunnels within the wall, and then more outposts stationed all along the tops. Turrets of various kinds are positioned all along the sides and tops of the walls, prepared for water, ground, and air assault.

Other land

The Bitterroot Valley cuts through Frothman Islands, the mountain ranges on either side forming a neat separation from the rest of the Island. The Nomads were traveling through here due to the natural defense and safety of the mountains, their city nicely fitting into the valley. However, they are now halted and unable to progress. Why the valley is named Bitterroot, is not certain, as it is an incredibly fertile area with streams cascading into one main river down its length out to sea.

The Barren flats, only recently named, is the area on the west side of the Bitterroot Valley. The name fits very well, as the land seems irreversibly scarred like some giant battle burned the ground. Even the mountains close to the Barren flats seem scorched. A scrubby wasteland of dirt and debris, no one ventures here much as there is no shelter or food to be seen. However, the area is fairly small, and does not extend far throughout the misty Islands.

Other Lands to be discovered as the game progresses...

RP courtesy of The Forsakens Lament.