Frost Mite

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Monsters of Godville
Frost Mite
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Description Unknown

Contrary to its name, Frost Mite is commonly found in areas with high temperatures. Typical examples include molten rocks near active volcanos, wooden cottages with an active fireplace, alchemy cauldrons, underwater volcanic vents and many more.

This monster feeds on heat and, through mostly unknown biological processes, uses it to take away its internal heat. This why the surface of the monster always exudes heat and steam while its insides are cold enough to cause hypothermia.

Renowned choloras across Godville have united their intellect in order to research this monster and use it for the betterment of the society. Although some doubtful individuals claim that they are only doing it so they can eat shaved ice all year round.

Frost Mite is a blue, bug like creature with eight legs. Its size can vary between 1mm to 10m from individual to individual. Retired adventurers tell tales of Frost Mites up to 50m in size which were encountered in active volcanos. This monster has a four suction cups on its mouth which it uses to latch on and absorb heat. The more heat it absorbs the larger it grows. Depending on the size, the explosion which occurs after its death can be disturbingly grousome. It is resistant to both cold and heat and can survive underwater. The best way to fight it is to either slice its head off or apply pressure to its bulging abdomen.

Local popopulace consider this monster as a common pest. If you are minding your own business and coziliy warming your hands near a fire in a cabin, only to suddenly experience a wave of cold, it was Frost Mite. Alchemists hate it in particular as it has caused no shortage of cauldron explosions.

Monster tamers have debated its usage in stopping fires and volcanic eruptions. Unfortunately this monster is still untameble as of date.


-Ice Blast: Frost Mite shoots out the cold air stored inside it to freeze the enemy. Strenght depends on the size of the Frost Mite.

-Heat Leech: Frost Mite bites the enemy and starts leeching heat. The target gradually begins to experience hypothermia and may have to cut off the aflcted body part less the gangrene claims their life.

-Frost Bite: Frost Mite bites the enemy and directly unleashes the cold air onto the skin.

-Heat discharge: Frost Mite rapidly cools its insides and unleashes an external wave of blistering steam. This also strengthens its next attack.