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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown
Boss Type Above-Ground

Behold! Frognarok boss monster hast struck! Quake in fear for the sky doth rain amphibious chaos most slippery descends upon thy unbelievering heads and you will suffer. You will suffer because this plague contains frogs of all sizes, toxicity and genres.

Frognarok will pummel your unworthy body into the swamp of disgustingness pulping it into nutritional slush for the tadpoles of DOOOOOOM! (rights reserved, fees apply)

When you hear the bells toll for Frognarok you will quail, you will weep, you will fill your pants with stinkiness for Frognarok is too dreadful to survive.

Unless you defeat it then happy days, on your way you go. Feel free to sing tra la la de da and perhaps level up.

Frognarok will reoccur every seven years when the moon goes lentil and the birds sing Harry Potter theme tunes in dropped d chords.