Frog of War

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Monsters of Godville
Frog of War
Frog of War.gif
Class Amphibian
Habitat Swamplands
Description Mutated War Frog

The Frog of War is a monster.

There was once a frog wanders around the swampland to find a place to meditate. After facing a lot of creatures and fighting those who tried to bother him, the Frog finally found a spot to meditate. While meditating this Frog was shot by a random lighning bolt from a random God who maybe chased it's champion. Now this Frog is blessed with incredible strength and finesse that make him almost invincible. And also he grows at the size of an adult goblin. Now this Frog is known as the Frog of War, since of his amazing fighting skills and how many foes he has defeated.