Free fall accelerator

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The Free Fall Accelerator is a... well it's... uh... just think about the name! Wha'd ya think it does?! Make you a bagel with jelly? Wrongo! To put it straight, it allows one to hit the ground harder and faster so to allow less time for fear to kick in usually leaving the user dead about 1-59 seconds sooner than than usual. I personally believe it's an excellent birthday gift for enemies, fantastic anniversary present for obnoxious dates/spouses and a terrific surprise to your 6th grade math teacher that failed you just because you "accidentally" put her online dating profile in the school news because she wouldn't let me swivel around in her cool teacher chair so I called her a bag of artichokes because she wasnt any fun and when she told me to sit at my desk I scooted along in her chair until I was at my desk and I started working when she tipped me out of MY new chair and told me never to be within 13 inches away from it but then I called her a... SORRY TMI! Tooooooooooooooo much info!!! I think I'll stop now....