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{{quote|author=by an interesting author | An interesting quote }}<br>
{{quote|author=by an interesting author | An interesting quote }}<br>
Some kind of introduction.
Some kind of introduction.

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Flip Flappers
Motto: Flip. Flap.
Alignment: True brightness
Gold Fund: 1749 c.u.
Date Founded: 14th of January, 2018
Membership Count: ~9
Town with Greatest Influence: Los Adminos (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 624
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 158
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 675
Guild Page: Flip Flappers 
Data current as of 3rd of June 2018
This is a hidden message you just discovered. Buy a coconut, you earned it.
An interesting quote
— by an interesting author

Some kind of introduction.

The some kind of introduction should be about this long.


A long time ago, there was nothing. But since the existence of nothing itself was a paradox, something existed. And well... Then Flip Flappers was just kinda.. there. Don't ask me, I don't know why either. Luckily, an ancient manuscript I never bothered to read conveniently tells us something that fits right in with what I've said so far.:
I borrowed the code for the div from the "Knights who say Ni" before altering it... Hopefully that's ok :]

From nothing... No, from something, a group of powerful gods emerged, and they |

Wait, first there was nothing, and now there are gods?

Ugh, let me rephrase that. A group of strong gods entered this world, and they |

Are you just assuming a multiverse theory? You can't just skip the proof!

F I N E. I get it. It's vague. Can I please just do my own thing now? Where was I... Ah, five gods... No, did I say five?

I think there were more.

Oh, you're so smart eh? You do the talking then.

Marvelous. Well, first we have to consider what these gods actually were. You see, there's always the possibility, when Godville was first created, that through a tiny breech in the firewa |


Excuse me, I had to hit him with our sacred coconut or he would've talked about stuff beyond the comprehensive abilities of a mere hero for hours. A moment please, so I can clean this up.

Dragging sounds
Loud slurping

Aaaah. Just great. Five gods. Not five. A few. A few strong gods gathered in this new world, and then they all went their separate ways, except for one... Who was still kinda separate from the others since everyone else flew away.

Anyway, this god decided that this world, Godville, needed a new guild. So he created Flip Flappers, in the name of his fellow gods. We still don't know why he thought Godville needed *his* guild, but he did so here we are.

Wow, that was anticlimactic.


Huh. I guess the history of our guild is less vague than I thought it was. This document makes total sense!