Flaw Enforcer

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Monsters of Godville
Flaw Enforcer
Hamartia officinalis
Class psychological beast
Habitat all roads towards the own self
Description ego altering monster

The Flaw Enforcer (Hamartia officinalis) or "true way to err" is a Monster which belongs to the Class of psychological beasts. Monstrous manual still under construction. Biologists of Godville have not met the monster yet and come back to tell the tale. We advise those who fought the monster to increase the knowledge.



  • To use your weakness
  • Uses your illusions
  • Stands with dirty feet on the bridge -built by discipline- that connects the heroes weak psyche with the strong one
  • Wears a uniform


  • Like all enforcers, not immune to flaws
  • Sensible to encouragement
  • Hates "unbendable" perfection
  • Wears a uniform