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Statue based on a hero's description of their own fishing experience. Further research showed that they actually "captured" a bottle of beer that was a little shaken up when they opened it.

From the Godville creators blog, 2015-11-12:

It looks like a new kind of hobby is spreading through Godville. Nobody knows how it all started, but more and more heroes, from beginners to the most seasoned adventurers, are being spotted siting next to rivers, ponds and other water bodies, with an artifact attached to a line on a stick… They call it “fishing”.

Surprisingly, the loot is not just fish: it could be a golden brick or something else easily activatable. Taverns are already full of stories about a bigger catch fished out on a “bolder” bait. In the best ZPG tradition, divine influence is not required or it can even be harmful – nobody wants to scare away all the fish with noise or thunderclaps.

In the mean time, a few overly enthusiastic shipwrights got their hands on some ancient scriptures and realized why they needed arks in the first place. All this time they were meant to preserve life in this world – which in their heroic minds translates into finding a thousand pairs of twos of every kind and packing them into their arks, just in case.

However, there is a problem – heroes have gone and forth through Godville countless times and all they saw were some genderless and occasionally male creatures. Where do they find fenimals? Well, checking the waters worth a shot. While high-waters are not yet available due to the ongoing construction in the Godville’s port, a recent fishing craze should come in very handy.

In a nutshell, "fishing" in Godville involves your hero using one item as "bait" but possibly picking up several other items. For example, here's a screenshot of a hero using their deus ex machina as "bait" and getting a bag of lovely bones (as one of several items over time) in return:

Fishing Example.png

If your hero doesn't have an ark, that's about it. If your hero DOES have a completed ark, they can also catch monsters. More information on this will be added when it is learned.

So far, fishing seems to be a largely "ZPG" activity. A few items can cause your hero to start fishing, but there is little to influence what you get out of it. However, performing certain influences during fishing will cancel/end your hero's fishing.

Fishing Artifacts

Along with this new update we've gotten some new activatable artifacts only gainable from fishing, these artifacts cost no godpower and either turn into 'rubbish' or something useful. So far I've seen them give between 1 and 7 artifacts bold and non-bold, that dosen't seem much like the 'rubbish' talked about so I'll investigate this further!

List of Fishing Activatables (Incomplete!)

  • Brand new bag
  • Exotic handbag
  • Orange bag (non-bold)
  • Refilled sandbag
  • Black brief case
  • Orange box (non-bold)
  • Cookie jar (non-bold)
  • Honey pot (non-bold)

(Unsure of all these, and their boldness )

If you have more information to share about fishing, edit this wiki page!