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Dangerousfoxtongue.jpg|A firefox waits patiently in anticipation.
Dangerousfoxtongue.jpg|A firefox waits patiently in anticipation.
FireFOX.jpg|When they get angry, their fur turns white and starts shooting fire.
FireFOX.jpg|When they get angry, their fur turns white and starts shooting fire.
Fire Fox1.jpg|Firefox enraged.
Dangerousfoxtongue.jpg|Firefox enraged.
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Pets of Godville
Vulpes ignis
Strong Monster
Class Mammals
Habitat Grasslands
Artifact Firefox tail
Wanted on Day 1694 g.e.
Description bright red carnivores
Tame at levels 18–29
Features Unknown

The Firefox (Vulpes ignis "fire fox") is an extremely rare monster living in Godville, but luckily, they can be tamed and become a pet.

Once they were very plentiful across the world, native to almost every land, which is why in some old paintings a Firefox is depicted as wrapping itself around the entire planet...

When left alone, they look like ordinary foxes, orange fur and dark feet, but when angered, their entire body changes. Their fur turns a snowy white, eyes change to red, and their power level rises to OVER 9000! Heroes tend to attack them, not knowing that the ensuing battle will be deadly. The monsters are able to blast fireballs that can burn through metal, so extremely strong armor, or an extremely agile body, is needed to survive.

Even so much as touching the monster can kill a hero. The only positive thing about this monster is that it can use its powers to help the hero once it is tamed. Despite the degree of danger it is believed that these creatures are actually quite friendly and playful once tamed. They will do whatever it takes to keep your hero alive, whether it's giving them CPR or tripping an opponent, these are awesome pets. Beware though they tend to catch on fire randomly.

The Firefox has been known to destroy whole villages in its most extreme form, with nine tails. The only way you can stop it from wreaking havoc is by sealing it inside a living baby. Only one hero has ever succeeded in doing this, and even then the fox manages to break free once in a while.

This creature is said to be the first tamed beast by the first hero, zargos, worshiper of The Bagel Lord, as well as the last animal to be able to channel the fire spirit IFRIT.

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