Fire Breathing Dragon

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Monsters of Godville
Fire Breathing Dragon
Class Fantasy
Habitat Towns, caves, dark forests, and flies around at night, Honna-Lee
Description Deadly magical mixed dinosaur LARGE.

As we all know, caves are useful to have. You can store junk, old tattered clothes, or live in them. The problem is when you come along after a long Quest and what do you know A DRAGON is in there, spilling magic and breathing fire all over the place and generally making a burnt mess out of your stored kegs of beer you HAD reserved for a party with that nice daughter of the Town Trader.

So, get thee to fighting! Stay out of the way of it's mouth and tongue area, as Fire Breathing Dragons have been known to Burn the candle at Both Ends, from 1000 meters away with accuracy.

  • Likes to hang out with: Little Johnny Paper, and a donkey named Donkey.
  • Origin (rumored:) A Land called Honna Lee.


  • Enhanced senses (except taste)
  • Magic
  • Razor teeth and claws
  • Skin reinforced with heavy scales
  • A really BIG BUTANE LIGHTER weapon in the belly/ throat area
  • Large Size
  • Can FLY.


  • Physically inept front forarms/legs
  • Tail gets in the way when doing The Limbo Dance at parties, leading to embarassment
  • Water (or beer!) from Hero puts out fire, difficult to re-light, no pockets for spare lighter
  • Can't enjoy raw fish (somehow becomes cooked while eaten.)