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==Personal Records and Achievements==
==Personal Records and Achievements==
[https://godvillegame.com/duels/log/wflptprwc| Longest Arena fight]: 126 steps over 57 minutes
[https://godvillegame.com/duels/log/wflptprwc| Longest Arena fight]: 126 steps over 57 minutes - with {{god|Empalme Olmos}}
[[Image:Fionnira longest arena.PNG|frame|Longest arena fight]]
[[Image:Fionnira longest arena.PNG|frame|Longest arena fight]]

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Fionnira avatar.jpg
Champion of the Goddess: Shanimal
Personality: Vicious
Gender: Female
Level: 19
Motto: There is no spoon!
Pet Type: Santa Claws
Pet Name: Baloo

Fionnira's Godwiki page is currently under construction.

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Early Life

Fionnira was born to average farmers in an average village, but she herself was anything but average. From a very early age she showed great potential in the ways of Darkness; so much so, that when the Harbingers of the Primordial Dusk, a cult which was rising to infamy and power in the area, destroyed her village and her family, they decided to take the six-year-old Fionnira in to raise her in their image.

Personal Records and Achievements

Longest Arena fight: 126 steps over 57 minutes - with GodEmpalme Olmos 

Longest arena fight