Find the most evil monster

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Quests of Godville


Find the most evil monster
Difficulty: 9/10

This quest sounds very easy. It isn't. You see, the most evil monster could be any monster, as evilness is purely opinion based. There are three main requirements for this quest, all of which make it difficult. First, the hero must find the monster. This could be any monster. As a result, the hero encounters many monsters on his quest, most of which try to kill him. The hardest part of this for our intellectually challenged friends is recognizing when they have found the monster they seek.

Next, the hero must fight and kill this monster, and must take a keepsake which they must show to the person who set them the quest. The hero must be careful while killing the monster so as not to damage the distinctive feature that they plan on taking back. No proof = no prize.

Finally, the hero must compose a five verse poem following very strict guidelines. The first verse must be about them looking for the monster. Second must be about killing it. Third must be about returning home. Fourthly they must explain why the monster they killed was the most evil and finally they must write a verse about writing the poem. Poetry is a thinker's pursuit. Our heroes are most certainly not thinkers. This part of the quest takes the longest and is also the most dangerous because they are often attacked while they are writing. Also, many heroes stab themselves with their pencil and bleed to death. Many are driven to insanity. This quest is not for the faint of heart.

Remember: Evilness and toughness are two very different things.