Figure out how time flies

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Quests of Godville


Figure out how time flies
"Interview citizens that had their thyme fly away."
A headline about how thyme flies

Figure out how time flies is a normal quest that was started in a tavern in Beerburgh.

It all started when an unknown hero/heroine was wasting their hard-earned gold away, drinking beer. Very typical. The hero/heroine was busy recalling the 'Run around in squares' quest until they exclaimed this particular phrase in a drunken state, "Man, how time flies!". Next to this hero/heroine, another hero just happened to hear this particular phrase and questioned them, "How do you figure out how time flies?". With that said, the tavern went quiet and a few very foolish- brave hero/heroine stood up and yelled the words, "I will figure out how time flies!", simultaneously. They were gone the next second, leaving their empty beer mugs.