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#Exiting by port:
##Sailing out of the centre port instead of the outer exit will decrease sail cool down time from 12 hours to 9 hours.
##You can’t exit by accident through the port until at least step 20.
##You can exit by port before step 20 if you use a directional command to direct the ark onto the port cell.
##Assuming you are above 20 steps, if you sail into the cells surrounding the port icon, even if you are pointed to sail past port, unless you use a vc to sail past, on the next turn you exit and leaving uses 1 supply. 
#Exiting by the outer edge
##You can’t exit by accident through the outer edge until at least step 20.
##The outer edge distance is not fixed. It can vary in distance between sails, within the same sail map, even within the same slice. Exiting can be as close as ring 20 or as far away as ring 24.
##No supply is used in the step the ship disappears from the map. Providing, of course, the edge is where you think it is.
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==<span id="S_Influence">[[Feather_Mail#S_Influence | Using Influences]]</span>==
==<span id="S_Influence">[[Feather_Mail#S_Influence | Using Influences]]</span>==

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Feather Mail
FeatherMail Avatar.jpg
Championed by the Hero: Postal Worker
Personality: Dutiful
Gender: Female
Guild: Blue Feather Guild

Newly Templed Users Guide

This guide is not intended to be a definitive manual of all things relating to post-temple Godville. There are other guides and people with far more knowledge about the little details. This guide is intended to help you navigate your first couple of days and get your feet wet with a dungeon or two. Getting a temple can make you feel a bit like a noob again, hopefully this takes some of the edge off.

Let’s start with: Congratulations on your first temple! Now what?

Now that you have a temple, some regular game play aspects have changed.

  • Using an encourage or punish when you have 3000+ gold will NOT melt a brick
  • Your hero(ine) will still collect bricks now and again, they will show up in your inventory and will be sold like regular bold items (usually for ~1000 gold, but it varies)
  • You can now perform miracles (more in specifics in arena/dungeons/dig bosses, but the godwiki on miracles is pretty good)
  • If you send to the arena, you will duel with other people with temples, but your standings will remain in the juniors league until the end of season (more on arena differences later)
  • Pre-temple your hero(ine)s town routine was usually Heal>Sell>Buy>Waste>Pray. Now, it will be Heal>Sell>Buy>Savings OR Waste>Pray, except in Godville (more on that later too)
  • Good news, healing a pet is now easier. Go dungeoning while your hero(ine) is praying in town. If you earn ~450 gold per level, there’s a very strong chance your pet will be healed.

How do I get my temple to give me charges?

Now that you have a temple, the routine when your hero(ine) walks into Godville will be different than it used to be (arriving via the arena or canceled quest won’t count). The following will apply, but only in Godville.

  • Any time your hero(ine) has 10k or more
    • Your hero(ine) will “sacrifice” gold and convert it to experience
      • This will happen as they enter Godville
    • You will see a comment about it in the third eye such as: “I placed ten bags of gold on the sacrificial altar…”
    • The only time this won’t happen is on days the news forecast prevents sacrifice
    • You will not get a charge, log, or coins on this visit
  • When your hero(ine) has less than 10k
    • You have a chance of getting a charge, log, coins or nothing
      • This will happen as they enter Godville
    • You will not see a comment in the third eye, but you will see a diary entry
    • The timing/rotation/earning of these items is not completely documented, but if you received a charge you probably shouldn’t expect to collect a second charge within 8 hours of the first. Logs will be similar.
    • After collecting a charge, if you return and aren’t eligible for another charge, you have a good chance to collect a log.
    • After collecting a log, if you return and aren’t eligible for another charge or log, you have a good chance to collect 2-4k in coins.
    • After collecting coins, if you return within 60 minutes and aren’t eligible for another charge or log, you will get nothing.

Dungeons, oh my!

Dungeons are a different type of gameplay to what has been experienced so far. You and 2-4 others travel around a labyrinth. As you move you reveal more of the map and will encounter semi-randomly placed walls, bosses, traps, healing rooms, prayer rooms, and treasure hints. Your goal is to maneuver through it and find the treasure within 100 steps (unless the rule specific to that dungeon says otherwise). Most times the treasure will be found in an area diagonally from the entrance and located 5 to 6 steps east or west and 5 to 6 steps north or south (check out this hot spot map to see for yourself). The treasure includes coins, items, and logs. A log is guaranteed twice per day but you may get lucky and get a bonus log.

We highly recommend doing your first dungeon(s) with someone who has driven a dungeon before. We recommend using a computer instead of using the phone app so you can see the map and remote on the same screen. If you use Firefox or Chrome and haven't already done so, we recommend downloading an addon called the UI+, which will make reading the map much easier. If you don't have it already, try it. You can read more about the features of the UI+ here.

When you send / intro to what you will see:

  • It will cost 50% gp to send to a dungeon and if you aren’t fully healed, you’ll get a ~30% hp boost.
  • Take 7-10 charges with you. Dungeons often cost much less (including no charges at all), but if you are less than level 45 and new at this, you may have to heal more to stay alive.
  • You will be presented with grid filled with question marks that is actually a dungeon map

BF Beginner Dungeon Map.JPG This image is colored by the UI+ add on. Without the UI+, the map will have icons, but fewer colored tiles.

  • Your team (the @ symbol) will start at the “E” (or a door icon).
  • The map movements are turn based, much like a boss battle, where 30s or so will elapse before you can move again. You will be able to move one square each turn or “step”.
  • As you move through the map, more squares will be revealed:
  • #” is a wall in the dungeon
  • ?”’ are areas you can walk
  • X” is the ‘nook’ and what it contains is usually described in the first diary entry when arriving
  • !” is a point of interest (trap, healing, trap, prayer room, trap, boss, trap or treasure)
  • “💀” is the location a boss was defeated.
  • “🕳” is a location of a trap that was stepped on.
  • Other icons are discussed under "Treasure Hints!" in the section on driving.
  • After 12-25 steps (usually) you should receive a first hint to the location of the treasure, other hints will come later. Hints will only appear on squares when you step on them for the first time. There are more on hints in the driving section later.
  • Some squares have boss-is-in-adjacent-cell warnings in the diary entry. If you then step on the boss square you will enter a battle with a boss monster which is very similar to battles with dig bosses.

Ending a dungeon without landing on treasure:

  • If you travel for 20+ turns and then step on the “E”, you will exit the dungeon without the treasure. There is no penalty for leaving.
  • If the treasure is not reached in 100 steps, the dungeon will end automatically. There is no penalty for taking too many steps.
  • At least 2 people must be above 1hp to successfully reach the treasure room or the dungeon will end, the team will be ‘retrieved’, and a penalty in gold/loot will be taken.

Some basic dungeon strategies for riding along on your first few dungeons:

  • Driving/controlling movements on the map:
    • “Driving” is done by sending directional voice commands (north, east, south, west) at 5% gp each. On PC or on phones, you can send commands to move by pressing the square you want to move to.
    • Allow one person to drive as multiple commands in different directions on the same turn will confuse the heroes and they may not go where intended.
      • Special case: If someone is actively sending commands in the wrong direction, two people can overrule the wrong voice consistently if they send the same command as each other, 2 against 1.
    • If no one drives, the heroes will wander on their own. You do not need to send a command at every step. The heroes are likely to continue in the same direction as in the previous step, but if you are trying to avoid a trap or a boss, be safe and send a command.
    • A common dungeon etiquette is to let the first person who starts driving continue to drive, but if someone with more dungeon experience than you wants to drive, let them take over (at least for your first few dungeons). Don’t assume that if they aren’t sending lots of voice commands that the driver has stopped driving, they may be conserving gp until they know they have to make a move.
  • Spend your gp wisely:
    • On the map:
      • You cannot use heal/pray voice commands, directions only.
      • Encourage can heal you or the whole team a little, or fail.
      • Punish can hurt you or the whole team, or fail.
      • Miracles can heal you a lot or the whole team, or give you a bold item.
    • Fighting a boss (similar to dig boss):
      • Encourage/punish are more likely to succeed during a boss fight than on the map so encourage to heal before the end of a fight.
      • Miracles can give you exp, damage the boss’s loot, or you get hit twice, pray, and heal in one turn. Miracles in boss fights are not efficient for the amount of gp spent. Stick with encourage/punish
  • Stay alive!
    • Try to keep at least 150hp at all times when on the map. Some traps can take over 100hp in a single hit.

How to drive if you end up as driver on your first few runs:

  • Lookup your dungeon type!
    • In the first step of your dungeon there will be a description of your dungeon and what’s in the nook (if there is one). If there is no description other than the names of the heroes, than the dungeon is ‘normal’.
    • the different types of dungeons
    • Most dungeons drive similarly except for a few:
      • Disobedience - heroes move in the direction opposite of the command given
      • Migration - Bosses don’t follow the predictable skill/treasure pattern mentioned later
      • Jumping - Heroes occasionally take 2 steps which can go over walls or straight onto bosses
  • Nooks!
    • If there’s a nook and prize for reaching it is good, you can try heading there first.
  • No Nook!
    • Any direction is pretty much fine until a hint shows up. You can let them wander a bit with a little nudge here or there to keep them away from bosses, from re-stepping on traps, or going back over ground they already covered.
  • Distance from “E”
    • While not always true, a good starting point is to assume the treasure will be located diagonally from the entrance and the area of highest probability is 5-6 squares east or west and 5-6 squares north or south of the entrance.
  • Bosses
    • Bosses make good hints
    • If you step on a boss hint (shows as yellow if using the add on), a boss will be on a square adjacent (but not on corner) with the square you are on.
      • To avoid the boss, step back to the previous square and try going around
      • If going back is a bad idea (such as a nasty trap square or you are short on steps) you can try making a direction change as it has a better chance of missing the boss. For instance, if you were heading North, rather than staying North, you could turn East or West.
    • If you land on a boss in a dungeon which is NOT Migration:
      • 1-skilled boss means you’re pretty far from the treasure.
      • 2-skilled boss means you’re getting closer.
      • 3-skilled boss means you’re probably 1-2 steps away from treasure. The boss guarding the treasure is called the Treasure Boss, or TB. Rarely there are more than one 3-skilled bosses in the same dungeon
  • Treasure hints!
    • Periodically you will get arrows pointing in the general direction of the treasure that show on the map. If using the UI, it will colour eligible “?” squares in red. The further from the arrow tip, the wider the search region.
    • Arrows can be one direction: ↑, ↓, ←, →, ↖, ↘, ↗, ↙
    • Arrows can be ‘double minded’ and ambiguously show the treasure in 2 directions:
      • < – northeast or southeast
      • ∧ – southwest or southeast
      • > – northwest or southwest
      • ˅ – northwest or northeast
      • ⌋ – north or west
      • ⌊ – north or east
      • ⌉ – south or west
      • ⌈ – south or east
    • Hints can also be like playing hot or cold:
      • ✵ – 19+ steps (freezing)
      • ❄ – 14-18 steps (cold)
      • ☁ – 10-13 steps (mild)
      • ♨ – 6-9 steps (warm)
      • ☀ – 3-5 steps (hot)
      • ✺ – 1-2 steps (burning)

Dig Bosses

  • Don’t bother with miracles in boss battles.
    • IF you manage to get a heal or hit, the value to gp use is not as good as just encouraging/punishing.
    • In some cases the only result you will get is destruction of the boss’ loot.
    • In many cases you will drain a small amount of exp, so small it’s not worth it.


  • You will battle templed opponents (seniors and other templed juniors), but your standings will be in the juniors division until the end of season.
  • Your standings are still influenced by your templed duels.
  • Templed duelers often have more charges to spare
  • Miracles in the arena
    • Miracles count as actions
    • Miracles in the arena will have one of the following outcomes
      • Drain exp from the opponent
      • Damage the opponent’s armour
      • Drain the opponent’s gp and transfer it to you (10%-25%)
      • Perform a combined heal, hit, pray
      • Destroy the opponent’s loot
    • Miracles used against you while unpleasant, will rarely be as detrimental to the fight as a punish/encourage would have been.
    • Miracles used by are you usually a waste of gp/action if trying to win and are considered by many to be rude. Really, don’t bother with these.

Blue Feather would like to thank Arivelle, Ursina, Enoch Metatron and Parthenogenisis for their writing, editing and informational contribution to the Newly Templed guide.

Sailing Guide

This guide is not intended to replace the existing sailing wiki, which has a large amount of information already: Sailing Wiki This guide provides additional or more detailed information than the wiki on some topics.

Some terminology used in this guide:

  • ‘nimals - manimals or fenimals, applicable to either
  • Booty - manimals, fenimals or Treasure
  • Treasure - an activateable bag or stash of coins that is found on an island
  • Cell - one hexagon
  • Step - one turn of activity as indicated in the sail journal. It is not a distance.
  • Beastie - any sea monster. All 2names are beasties, not all beasties are 2names
  • 2name - sea monsters that have 2 names separated by a space that, when defeated, will give a booty item.

Basics (for people who haven’t sailed or haven’t sailed very much)

  1. When you send to sail, your hero is teleported to Godville, but is not healed. You will not sacrifice. When returning, you will heal, sell, buy, loiter, and pray. There will be no wasting/savings step.
  2. Make sure you have a lot of room in your inventory before you open an activateable that you got from sailing or your loot from the box will be truncated to your inventory size.
  3. If you send at full health and with no items in your inventory, your hero will sell your activateable items you collected from sailing immediately on their return (often before you can open them)
  4. If you send to sail at quest ending, no matter when you send in the in-town sequence, the the hero will not sell after returning from sail. The hero will instead heal - kill time - then pray.
  5. If you don’t match, your hero will pray instead, earning 45%-55% gp  ?other options?
  6. Sailing does not use hero hp as a health indicator. All arks start fully healed and fully stocked.
  7. Sailing queue lasts up to 15 minutes before timing out.
  8. There is a greater chance you will match if you send just before/on the hour. (:00)
  9. The bold line on the edge of your ship icon represents the direction the ark is headed.
  10. There are at least 5 booties per map.
  11. Unlike dungeons, maps are hexagonal and the cells are hexagons instead of squares.
  12. Maps are divided into six triangles (referred to as slices) that have their point at the port and their base at the outer area of the map.

Map Terminology for this Guide:

  1. Maps are also divided by visible ‘rings’ which indicate a radius distance from port.
    1. The first ring is shown at 7 cells from port
    2. The second ring is shown at 14 cells from port
    3. The third ring starts at 21 cells from port
  2. The centre area is the area around port up to the first ring.
  3. The middle ring is the area between the first ring and the second ring
  4. The outer ring is the area between the second and third ring
  5. A slice is the triangle with the point at port and its base at the outer edge of the map. If needing to refer to a specific slice, they can be called by their compass points (N, NE, SE, S, SW, NW)
  6. A section is the area bound by two of the rings on two sides and the edge of the slice on the other two sides.

Wandering the Map

  1. Islands are explored one segment at a time, therefore larger islands take more steps to claim than others. An additional step may be required to turn the ark towards the island before it can be explored. Island exploration can be sped up by clicking on the island and using 5gp
  2. Islands with food will give 8-13 supplies†
  3. Islands giving repairs will give 8-33hp†
  4. Islands giving gp will give 23-46gp†
  5. Reefs (⁂) can give 3-5hp damage. Damage varies from reef to reef, but a single reef will deal the same amount of damage every time it is sailed over.
  6. Whirlpools (🌀) will cause 10-15 damage to go through. Going through a whirlpool you have just come through may result in returning to your previous location or to another whirlpool on the map.
  7. The lower a ship’s health, the more likely it will navigate away from reefs automatically.
  8. If you touch two islands at the same time, the order is random, unless you send a directional command to select an island.
  9. If you touch a beastie and an island at the same time, the beastie will be engaged first and the island will be engaged second.

† These numbers are early estimates based a few values seen while sailing

Booty Locations

  1. Not every booty will be marked by a hint before it is found.
  2. Booty can be found on any unexplored island (prayer, healing, ?’s, or supplies)
  3. The centre area won’t contain any booty except on a 50 step map or if there are scattered beasties.
  4. Statistically, the outer ring has more opportunities for booty than the middle ring.
    1. ~28.5% of booty is found in the middle ring†
    2. ~70.5% of booty is found in the outer ring†
    3. ~1.5% of booty is found between the outer ring and the outer edge.†
  5. The middle ring can contain manimals or treasure, but no fenimals (except for a 50 step or a scattered beasties type sails).
  6. Stats for type of booty if found in the middle ring on a 100 step sail: 60% chance of treasure and 40% chance at manimal (without scattered beasties)†
  7. Stats for type of booty if found in the outer ring on a 100 step sail: 45% chance of treasure, 24% chance of manimal, and 31% chance of fenimal.†
  8. It is rare (or not possible?) to find more than one booty in the same section. However, it is uncertain which section is counted when booty is found on a demarcated ring (7, 14, 21) or the demarcated boundary of a slice. Therefore, a section should not be assumed empty if there is booty sitting on one of the boundary lines.
  9. Distance between booty in different sections can be small (7 cells).

†Stats are based on a survey of over 700 booty locations, but it should be noted that not all booty items are found in each map and therefore the stats will be biased towards where people looked for booty.


  1. Hints that look like !’s come in triplets and can be identified as set by their colour. When explored, one is always empty, one always has a beastie, and one is a booty (island or 2name).
  2. Clustered Hints:
    1. When two ! hints are on the same island that contained a booty, there is a strong chance that both sets of hints were referring to the same booty and are therefore no longer active.
    2. When two hints are adjacent, but one is in the water and the other on land, they do not refer to the same booty.
    3. When two hints occur on the water, it’s possible they were both referring to a roaming beastie and marked the places where the beastie was at the time the hints occurred. If no roaming beastie was found, it’s possible one or both hint sets are still in play.
  3. When a ! hint is created it does not necessarily include the closest booty. Only arrow or hot and cold hints point to the closest, undiscovered booty.
  4. Hot/Cold hints indicate the treasure is within a certain radius of that point. Unlike dungeon hints of the same type that count steps, the sailing hot/cold hints do not account for islands in the way. For ease of reference, the icon translations are below.
    • 11 or more No treasure nearby ✵
    • 10-11 Treasure in a radius of 11 cells ❄
    • 8-9 Treasure in a radius of 9 cells ☁
    • 6-7 Treasure in a radius of 7 cells ♨
    • 4-5 Treasure in a radius of 5 cells ☀
    • 1-3 Treasure in a radius of 3 cells ✺

Ending a Sail

  1. Exiting by port:
    1. Sailing out of the centre port instead of the outer exit will decrease sail cool down time from 12 hours to 9 hours.
    2. You can’t exit by accident through the port until at least step 20.
    3. You can exit by port before step 20 if you use a directional command to direct the ark onto the port cell.
    4. Assuming you are above 20 steps, if you sail into the cells surrounding the port icon, even if you are pointed to sail past port, unless you use a vc to sail past, on the next turn you exit and leaving uses 1 supply.
  2. Exiting by the outer edge
    1. You can’t exit by accident through the outer edge until at least step 20.
    2. The outer edge distance is not fixed. It can vary in distance between sails, within the same sail map, even within the same slice. Exiting can be as close as ring 20 or as far away as ring 24.
    3. No supply is used in the step the ship disappears from the map. Providing, of course, the edge is where you think it is.