Fear nothing but fear itself, and clowns

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Fear nothing but fear itself, and clowns

Fear nothing but fear itself, and clowns is a mini-quest, which is actually a progression of the Quest to Send in the clowns.

Your hero will encounter ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. In order to progress in this mini-quest, your hero must show no fear until he or she actually encounters fear itself -- in which case, it's fine. After your hero has successfully completed this portion of the mini-quest, he or she will then encounter the boss-monster known as the Mad Clown. He needed a hug a long time ago, but now he's just too mad for your hero to safely approach him, so your hero has no choice but to fight him. Your hero will literally have to crush its heart in order for it to die. Upon beating the monster, your hero will earn: 1 Gold brick, 1-3 additional bolds/specials Artifacts, and 1-4 regular artifacts.