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Farmville is an extremely lame parody of Godville. It attempts to be like Godville, although rather than have a slave do thy bidding, you must click on carrots and tomatoes to ensure your Hero's survival. Furthermore, pets have no use at all, instead, they stand awkwardly in your way and occasionally flick their tails or blink nonchalantly. Farmville is designed to be time consuming and though no one knows quite what its purpose is, it is likely to be a diversion while you wait for your godpower to accumulate. Several other key features are removed, like taverns and the ability to destroy your hero at will. The game is also known and commonly made fun of for its abundance of lost puppies with soulful eyes and its disturbing lack of gratuitous violence. All in all, the game has been rated a four out of seventy-three stars (with points lost for not being able to put cute little smiley faces after your username )