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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Fallen Angels” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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  • November: The ability to set a special guild rank is unlocked!
  • November: None of us, even the creator, has reached the rank of hierarch yet
Fallen Angels
Motto: Black wings are gorgeous
Alignment: Preferably Evil
Date Founded: 1932 g.e./8/23/15
Membership Count: 23
Pantheon of unity Rank: 546
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 21
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 443
Guild Page: Fallen Angels 

Fallen Angels is a guild where the wings of heroes and heroines (if they have any) are likely to be black, mostly because they are fried,I mean, gifted by their Great Ones' lightnings.

It is a place where evildoers are welcomed, but we also need many kind-doers to help balance out the lurking darkness in towns, like helping out puppies that had been brutally injured by certain evildoers...

Join the Fallen Angels


How to Join A Guild

There's no need to cancel your current quest You must be level 12 or above Send a voice command of

Join the "Fallen Angels" guild!

(and better with a few lightnings, though not necessary)

To maximize the chance that your hero will listen to you:

When heroes are more likely to listen

Cancel quests to leave a guild

Simply command "Cancel/Drop/Abandon/Stop" to stop him/her from leaving the guild, works better when heroes are not selectively deaf

About Fallen Angels

How it all began...

Not much is known about Yilinair, the creator's goddess, besides that she tends to take on the form of a very cute and evil being: a black cat. So as one day the heroine is making her trip through The Forgotten Forest (a legit location in Godville that can be found in some maps), an idea like a lightning, or it could have been vice versa, struck her. The thought of creating a guild, quite literally, exploded in her head.

An idea struck me like a lightning bolt. Oh, it was a lightning bolt.

As she fought monsters, drank booze, cut lines to the doctor, and polished her equipment for three days and three nights, she finally noticed that the percentage on her progress bar has reached 100! In a jumble of random twists of ideas, the guild Fallen Angels was given birth to.

Who we are

We strive to be the evil heroes and heroines of Godville and maintain an evil alignment but good heroes may also join. Punishments can help contribute to our evilness.

Joining in


  • When your hero(ine) first joins a guild, s(he) will begin as a Fan (day 1). As time passes, s(he) will ascend the ranks. Passage of time is the only way to gain higher ranks.
  • Recruits (day 3) can begin posting in the Guild Council (GC). You can also find us here: Fallen Angels Forum
  • Chief masters (day 35) can contribute to the guild's duelery ranking.
  • Cardinals (day 135):
  • Hierarchs (day 200) are eligible to run for guild leader.
  • AUniqueGuildRankWhichHasn'tBeDecidedBecauseNoneOfUsCanYet (day 800) are unique to each guild and the name of this rank is chosen by the elected leader.


  • Popularity fluctuates every day. It depends on the amount of influence we have in a town and the overall influences by other guilds. In order to increase our popularity, set off influences (punish, encourage, miracles) when you arrive at town.
  • Any influences will increase popularity, even if you didn't get a confirmation
  • More popularity means you will get free equipments, gold, and first in the line to doctor.
    • Tip: Set off influences while trading can loot you more coins


  • Let's be truthful here, no one expect too much from this now
  • But if you need help on duels... Hairplug4men's tips, God Of Goodness's tips
  • And you can always ask those who are in the gladiator pantheon
  • Achievements
    • Champion
      Champion honored.png
      Win in 2000 duels.
    • Champion Win in 500 duels.
    • Champion Win in 50 duels.
    • ChampionWin in 5 duels.
    • Invincible
      Invincible honored.png
      Win 10 duels in a row after finishing the ark.
    • Invincible Win 10 duels in a row after level 50.
    • Invincible Win 10 duels in a row after level 30.
    • InvincibleWin 10 duels in a row before level 30.
    • Dueler
      Dueler honored.png
      End dueling season 3rd or higher.
    • Dueler End dueling season 10th or higher.
    • Dueler End dueling season 30th or higher.
    • Dueler End dueling season 100th or higher.


Noteworthy members

The Origin and The Actives

  • The First Fallen Angels

Member achievements

To be Updated...