Fairy Tale

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"Come come and you will hear Of a guild that hides in the clear Of brush and tree Of flower and pools This is the guild not favoured to you."

Can you make it down the paths?


Venture deep enough and you will find Nelly, the blue fairy. She will lead you to your destination.


Keep going and you will find it.


Hidden away in the woods, deep where no monsters dare to tread, is a cottage that looks no bigger than a New York apartment. Upon entering the cottage, it's clear that it's bigger than the outside seems.

"Witchcraft!" You may shout, but this is not so. For this is the home of the Fairy Tale Guild. Guided by the michevious fairies of the woods, the heros and heroines make fools of themselves. But everything they do is for the woods.

Cups like everywhere: tables, couches, and chairs. Some filled with Mead and Alex from last night's partying. The heros and heronies are passed out wherever they please. No one cares in the Fairy Tale Guild.

Don't stay too long, or too late, for the woods are dangerous at night. You never know what lies just beyond the clearing and in the woods.

Motto: Fairies protect. Fairies provide. Fairy Tale will survive! For family and friends, we will stand side by side, and bring our gods the most excellent prize!