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| image      = Fairy Godfather.gif
| image      = Fairy Godfather.gif
| caption    =  
| caption    =  
| latin      =  
| latin      = Mediocris Deus patris
| description = A Fairy Mafia Boss
| description = A Fairy Mafia Boss
| class      = Fairy
| class      = Fairy

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Monsters of Godville
Fairy Godfather
Mediocris Deus patris
Fairy Godfather.gif
Class Fairy
Habitat Fairy World
Description A Fairy Mafia Boss

The Fairy Godfather is a monster.

Fairy Godfather is kind of a famous Mafia Boss in the Fairy World and he is the fairy of criminality.

For some, Fairy Godfather is their "Guardian Angel" and they carve tiny figures in its image from a piece of wood as a lucky charm.



  • Fairy-ly high magical power.
  • Can summon tiny fairy henchmen.


  • Weak to divine intervention.
  • Physically is still just a fairy. Squash!