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Facehugger used by a hero

Type: Heads

Durability: ???[citation needed]


Wearing Facehugger into a fight with a monster will ensure you to catch them unprepared. Facehugger gives great protection to the heroes' head and also gives them the scary look to lower the enemies' defense. This item comes with all-size for heroes in need of protecting their precious head. No need to adjust the size, it will automatically readjust to the size of the heroes' head.

We haven't heard many review from our customers so, please if you buy our product consider leaving your comments on our review board that we installed on our authorized traders.


Removing Facehugger might be difficult, please tread carefully not to hurt break the product.


Traders apply no refund policy. Any malfunction of equipment is not covered by warranty. Long term use of Facehugger may results in unexpected event. This product comes freely with a cute little xenomorph. Heroes are in compliance with our "terms and agreement" with every purchase of this product. Expect the unexpected. Please consider insurance after buying.