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The Remote Control - Commonly asked questions on the only way you can interact with your hero

What does encouraging/punishing do to the hero?

you need 25% Godpower to use one of these buttons.

  • Encouraging can heal the hero, or can backfire and heal his opponent, or both.
  • Punishing can damage his opponent, or can backfire and damage the hero, or both.
  • Punishing can sometimes heal the hero.
  • Both influences can melt gold bricks.
  • Both influences can gain guild influence when used in towns (When in a guild, after level 12).
  • They will strengthen/weaken his alignment, depending on whether he is good or evil.
  • Both may result in gaining 5% Godpower (net loss of 20%, not 25%)
  • Both may simply do nothing.

What are voice commands for and what are the most commonly used ones?

Voice commands are personalised messages from the god which may contain up to 80 characters. They can produce many desirable effects, never backfire, cost only 5% of your GP but also have a higher miss rate. The currently known list of commands can be seen here.

What does the "Send to arena" button do?

This instantly teleports the hero to the arena where he fights in your name to win a brick, a recharge, and all his rival's gold. He also gets three random artifacts, full health, and is sent to Godville, which is very handy if you have finished a quest and are a long way out of town.

What else can Godpower be used for?

Godpower is required to activate special items and if you have 100% GP you can store it in the accumulator until you have three recharges (after this you have to pay to get . The accumulator is like a back-up and can instantly restore 50% of your power for every charge. This allows your total of "free" godpower to reach 250%.

I ran out of Godpower! How do I get more?

The hero may decide to pray or sacrifice gold to you, or do a heroic act in your name. This refills your godpower and allows you to influence him once more. Also, if you have more than 5% you may want to send a voice to him telling him to pray or sacrifice in the hope that he will listen and result in you gaining more power. Another way is by purchasing charges. Each charge, like all the others, refills 50% of the meter.

Melting Bricks - The most tedious but efficient way to get those shiny bricks

How do I melt a brick?

You can melt a brick by influencing the hero in either way. As a result, you will convert 3000 coins into one gold brick. The hero has no influence whatsoever over this, only the god.

Why won't it work?

Melting bricks is a tedious process because more often than not, it won't work. On average it takes three attempts to melt a brick, and you will see many sob stories in the forums of how it has sometimes taken people over twenty attempts and they still didn't get a brick. It is mostly persistence and luck, but is by far one of the most efficient ways to get bricks because the only risk is losing Godpower. You do need a little over 3000 for it to work,usually 3200 gold is enough.

The Diary - the only way to see what your little bundle of joy is doing

Why are there different coloured diary entries?

There are four different coloured diary entries. They are black, blue, red and orange.

  • Black - The hero has done what he says here all by himself with no input from you whatsoever.
  • Blue - This shows an influence or the effect of an influence (when you encourage, punish or send a voice command)
  • Red (Computer users only) - This shows an influence or an effect of an influence from a rival in a duel.
  • Brown (IDevice users only) - This provides an associated link to the GodWiki, usually regarding the monster that you have just finished fighting. On the computer this shows up as a hyperlink.

Why are there only ten pages in the diary?

The hero gets up to an awful lot, even when you're not around. If there was a record of every entry visible, the diary would be over a thousand pages thick in just a week. To save all those poor trees, you can see the latest ten entries which are usually more than enough to give you a good idea of what your hero has been up to.

Auras - Small, useful things that raise the annoying questions

What is an aura?

How do I get one?

What does my aura do?

Can I choose what aura I get?