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Skill Type: Combat

A loud scream is heard, spectators are literally blown away, and many a hero is left with a vacant expression. These are only a few of the powers of the mighty Eye Scream, and only the greatest and most foolhardy heroes may wield this skill. To perform an Eye Scream, a hero must glare steadily at their opponent, eventually building up enough power to let out a screeching sound through their eyeball. While some have debated whether the scream comes from the eye itself, or from the creature it is used on, those who have researched this have always met an untimely end at the sound a hero's eye. 

There is a fierce rivalry between those who wield the Instant Evil Eye and those who practice the Eye Scream. While both skills are massively powerful, no one is willing to risk trying to resolve this issue. 


level 1-5

The intense glare of the hero critically unnerves the opponent. 

level 6-10

A quiet but massively irritating screech can be heard, as the hero gains practice in an unwavering stare. 

level 11-20

Instantaneously causes massive headaches with the intensity of the scream, causing even the strongest of heroes to cower in fear, and the weakest to go temporarily insane. 

level 21+

Decibel levels fly through the stratosphere, and the pitch of the scream has been known to fry livers, kidneys, and other important organs in mere moments.