Eye of the Beholder

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This third eye is actually an extra body part a god can grow, which is positioned between the god's eyebrows. However, whereas the normal two eyes see the events of the present, this third eye actually sees specific events which happened in the past. It is interfaced with a part of a god's brain which grows along with the eye and links onto the normal occipital lobe, known by the exciting name of 'secondary occipital lobe'.

In the early days of Godville, the diary of a hero was limited to having room for just 10 entries (only the latest ones), making everything else that happened to the hero a mystery to their god. However, eventually the administrators gave the gods 'The eye of the beholder' – the divine ability to see and capture the most important events in hero’s life, even if those events were hours or days ago.

Growth of the eye

The eye of the beholder becomes available when the hero reaches 5% temple completion (fifty gold bricks). The eye originally can store five diary entries. Every 10% after this increases the capacity of the eye by one more diary entry.

Usage of the eye

The eye can be accessed by clicking the exclamation mark at the top left of the hero's diary on the 'Super(hero)' page. It shows the last few important events that happened. The number of important events that can be stored here increases as the hero collects more gold bricks (see above paragraph). The following types of events are the ones considered as 'important' and are therefore the only ones to be stored with the eye of the beholder: