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| type       = Normal  
| description = "Not used, selling at best price!"
| description = ''"Not used, selling at best price!"''

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Artifacts of Godville
Expired marriage license
Type 🧷Normal
Description "Not used, selling at best price!"

Your hero has decided to tie the knot! How exciting!! No more lonely nights or wishing for a hug only to find no one around to give one.

Your hero managed to obtain this marriage license after requesting one at the Godville courthouse and paying the fee. Please note that fees are based on the GDSMAK index at the time the application for the license is made. Although the legal requirements to get married may vary from city to city in Godville, all legal marriages performed in one must be recognized by another city.

The only requirement to use it would be that it wasn't expired. You'll have to apply for a new one as this one is no longer valid.