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Artifacts of Godville
Exotic seashell
Type 💎Bold
Description Comes in many shape, colour, pattern, odour, taste, personality, speaked language, philosophical movement, ...

The Exotic seashell is a bold artifact that can only obtained through a successfull sail.


Since the appearance of Godville's seas in 2033 g.e. [1], heroes and heroines have brought back many treasures from their sail.

But one day, a heroine brought back the seashell for some reason [2] and sold it to a merchant curious about the unusual shape and color of this seashell.


Worried about the rumours, the Godville Port Authority formed the Godville’s Institute for Marine Sciences (GIMS) and inquired a study of the Exotic seashell.

The Godville Port Authority states the Godville’s Institute for Marine Sciences (GIMS) missions as follow:
  • 1) Identify and Study every species living from the sea and the seas’ ecosystem.
  • 2) Perpetuating the seas’ ecosystem despite the heroic interferences.
  • 3) Study the possibilities of breeding and use of some species in the society.
The GIMS will be funded by private funds, by the town of Godville and by the treasures in sinking arks.
Godville Port Authority - Godville's Institute for Marine Sciences summary. Published in 2057 g.e.


The Exotic seashell is characterized by bright colors and unconventionnal shapes compared to classic seashells.


It have yet to be determined if the voices heards from the seashells come from pranking Gods or from the shell themselves.[3]

Voices Heards

  • "Grab me, and together we will conchquer the world!"
  • "Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Cthulhu?"
  • "Let's shellabrate our meeting."
  • "I made a wish upon a starfish and there you are! Worst wish ever."
  • "What the shell is going on there?"
  • "Is this place your sandctuary?"
  • "No need to be so shellfish!"
  • "I am feeling pretty shore today..."
  • "You almost make me want to come out of my shell."
  • "I am a seashell what did you expected? Oh, a not-talking seashell? Well, too bad."

Notes and References

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  2. "I heard a voice from the seashell telling me to grab it. I guess it was my god's voice." told the heroine to the merchant, Godville 2038 g.e.
  3. "Both ideas are pretty terrific actually." claim a GIMS' scientist.