Evil Twin

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No one truly knows what the evil twin looks like when it is alone as it is a shapeshifter. The Evil Twin can take the form of anyone it encounters with almost instant speed. An experienced fighter, the Evil Twin can take down almost anyone with surprising efficientcy. The motivations and creation of the Evil Twin remain unknown as they rarely talk to anyone and pretty much attack on sight. They can be found in most places and as such tracing their origins can be pretty tricky. Once they take the shape of one person they will follow and try to kill that person or ruin their life. The only way to stop them is by killing them.


  • They can take the shape of anyone and their equipment.
  • An experienced fighter, can use all weapons and some magic.
  • When encountering a group, they take the shape of the most skilled individual.


  • For some reason, they hate their own reflection and will flee when shown a mirror.
  • They are powerless without their heads!