Evil Overlord

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Monsters of Godville
Evil Overlord
Evil overlord5.jpg
Class Overlord
Habitat Smoking Volcanoes
Description bald, fat and depraved

Evil Overlord (Phaedra malum).

If you happen to cross this creature make sure you pray for it to spare your life. It's best to actual grovel at its feet and hope it will launch into a monologue allowing your timely escape. This despicable villain is invariably always found on remote islands, preferably making its lair inside an active volcanic crater or cave.


  • Plotting, planning and scheming
  • Cloning mini minions
  • Enslaving the weak


  • A habit of breaking into monologues
  • Slow chase vehicles
  • Addiction to a particularly rare form of white, fluffy cat

Field Notes

  • The Evil Overlord can often be found in its immature form, still laying its plans for total world domination.

One of our field teams was lucky to capture this blurry image...

  • Beware of those Evil Overlords who surround themselves with minions, for they can be a formidable army.

This frightening picture was salvaged from one of our not so lucky field agents... after we extracted his mutilated corpse form a smoking volcanic cave.

  • Most frightening of the Species is the Reptilia class, a truly terrible beast to behold. Be afraid, be very afraid.