Evil Overlord

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Monsters of Godville
Evil Overlord
Cornu magnum
Evil Overlord while training his "Eyes of horror" skill
Class Overlord
Habitat Trying to be evil
Description Translucent giant, long shadow

The Evil Overlord (Cornu magnum) is an actually peaceful monster driven to be evil by accident.


The Evil Overlord deviates from the heroic stories at the local tavern—a cute looking little dragon like creature related to lizards. It is nocturnal, has two horns upon it's head and the ability to enlarge it's shadow through emotions. Problematically, the Evil Overlord has the desire to socialize with heroes.


It is told that evil demonic monsters lurk on heroes after they spent their evening at the tavern. Rumors about those villain creatures lure brave heroes into their cave with beer, gold or chocolate and other presents have been approved.

Evidence from a missing hero


Evil Overlords are unfortunately unknown for their engagement to become friends with a hero. They tend to procure things the hero likes to get attention. After waiting for the hero to leave the tavern, they follow the hero to hand over their present. But due to their shyness they often follow the slightly drunken hero outside of town till they dare to get in contact when nobody else is around. Ironically the shadow of the Evil Overlord enlarges while in joy leading to many deadly misunderstandings.



  • Has the ability to enlarge it's shadow
  • Works hard to be liked by heroes
  • Tries it's best to be as evil as possible


  • Clumsy
  • Shy
  • Does not know how to interact with heroes
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