Evil Overlord

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Monsters of Godville
Evil Overlord
cornu magnum
Evil Overlord while training his "Eyes of horror" skill
Class Overlord
Habitat Trying to be evil
Description translucent giant, long shadow

The Evil Overlord (cornu magnum) is an actually peaceful monster driven to be evil by accident.


The Evil Overlord is deviating from the heroic stories at the local tavern a cute looking little dragon like creature related to lizards. It is nocturnal, has two horns upon it's head and the ability to enlarge it's shadow trough emotions. Problematically the Evil Overlord has the desire to socialize with hero's.


It is told that evil demonic monsters lurk on hero's after they spent their evening at the tavern. Rumors about those villain creatures lure brave hero's into their cave with beer, gold or chocolate and other presents have been approved.




  • Has the ability to enlarge it's shadow
  • Works hard to be liked by hero's
  • Tries it's best to be as evil as possible


  • A habit of breaking into monologues
  • Slow chase vehicles
  • Addiction to a particularly rare form of white, fluffy cat

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