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* Plotting, planning and scheming
* Plotting, planning and scheming
* Cloning mini minions
* Parenting
* Enslaving the weak
* Enslaving the weak

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Monsters of Godville
Evil Overlord
Class Overlord
Habitat Smoking Volcanoes
Totem for Lm ⚜️ 
Description bald, fat and depraved

Evil Overlord (Phaedra malum).

If you happen to cross this creature make sure you pray for it to spare your life. It's best to actually grovel at its feet and hope it will launch into a monologue allowing your timely escape. This despicable villain is invariably always found on remote islands, preferably making its lair inside an active volcanic crater or cave.


  • Plotting, planning and scheming
  • Parenting
  • Enslaving the weak


  • A habit of breaking into monologues
  • Slow chase vehicles
  • Addiction to a particularly rare form of white, fluffy cat

Field Notes

  • Our Southern Field Agent has noted a distinct variation in appearance and behavior of the Evil Overlord south of Beerburgh.
Southern species ...

There have been reports of very irritating creatures seen aiding the southern species, however, upon further investigation, it has been concluded that these beings were a terrible mistake and were swiftly forced to extinction