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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Ape of Wrath]]
* [[Ape of Wrath]]
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Monsters of Godville
Evil Monkey
Simia malum
Class Demon
Habitat Volcanoes
Totem for Watchmen ⚜️ 
Description Evil Breed from hell

The Evil Monkey is a monster.

No one really knows why Evil Monkeys exist. Rumors said that there was a necromancer who wanted to summon some powerful divine evil monster to serve him. But instead of summoning the monster, he accidentally opened the whole portal to hell. Lots of evil demons and monsters came out from the portal as the wizards tried to close it. As it finally closed, some of the monsters weren't able to get back to hell, so they try to survive in our realm. Such as the evil monkeys who go to the volcanoes, which almost have the same habitat's condition as in the hell.



  • Agile and Quick
  • Immune to fire (sometimes absorbs energy from fire)


  • Holy Powers
  • Addicted to banana

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